Database Health

Customer databases decay at an estimated rate of 70% annually. Prevent this by adding fresh intelligence automatically with every email mined.

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List Building

Mining email replies adds 20%+ net new contacts annually. And not just any contacts. These come straight from the accounts you’re already engaging.

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Pipeline Growth

Discover new opportunities based on sales trigger events (like job changes or merger & acquisition activity) 6-9 months ahead of your competition.

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"Email is a key part of every Account-based Everything strategy, so managing the replies is mission-critical for us. LeadGnome automates this process and integrates seamlessly with Marketo."
"LeadGnome is for real. Easiest marketing decision I’ve made in years. Don’t hesitate."
"We say 'Power of the Gnome' when alerts or other actions are triggered."

Charm Hayes Bianchini

Head of Global Demand at Engagio
Nick Ezzo Headshot


Vice President of Demand Generation
Emily Dick Headshot


Director of Marketing for QuickMobile

B2B Marketing & Sales Teams Trust LeadGnome

Marketing &
Sales Operations

Database Health

  • Eliminate manual review of replies
  • Handle unsubscribe requests
  • Remove bad contacts
  • Enrich and cleanse existing leads
  • Provide critical compliance data
  • Route emails to the right sales rep

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Pipeline Growth & Sales Acceleration

  • Add 20%+ sales-ready leads annually
  • Find office and mobile phone numbers
  • Identify and update titles
  • Discover sales trigger events
  • Increase connect rates

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B2B Sales & Marketing Teams Trust LeadGnome

2-minute Setup

Zero IT Involvement
Zero Campaign Changes
Zero Data Entry

success story

“LeadGnome requires zero changes to our clients’ marketing campaigns and nurturing programs. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and there is no IT involvement.”

“Bottom line, LeadGnome works as promised. How often can you say that about a product?”

Ashley Carrier
CEO, 190 Group LLC

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