24 Top Account Based Marketing Influencers We’re Following On Twitter

July 26, 2016 10:59:15 AM | By Matt Benati

As the Account Based Marketing space continues to grow, industry leaders have stepped up to share their knowledge and experience in an effort to help others. From writers and speakers to analysts and top sales people, here is a list of who we follow on Twitter to to keep up with the latest in ABM.

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Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi is the President and Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group. Over the last two decades, Trish has promoted inside sales as a community, profession, and engine for revenue growth. In the process, The Bridge Group has worked with over 200 B2B technology clients to build, expand, and optimize their inside sales efforts.

Highlight: Trish and her team’s research and ideas have been featured on Inc.com, in Forbes, by associations like SLMA and AA-ISP, and across more than 68 sites in the sales and marketing world. She recently published The Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth with Inside Sales, where she presents six elements for increasing revenue with inside sales.

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Insider Group, co-author of The Content Formula, and sought-after speaker, author, and consultant. With more than 20 years’ experience in leadership, marketing and sales roles, he’s mastered the use of customer information and market insights to drive results-based marketing strategies and true ROI through higher sales and customer loyalty.

Highlight: Michael shares a continual stream of relevant, impactful content to his more than 20k Twitter followers daily. The Marketing Insider Group blog is considered a pillar in the content marketing industry, featuring 2-3 daily posts covering every aspect of content marketing — from video and social to SEO and email marketing.

Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker is the Co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, a content marketing platform that allows marketers to create, test and measure engaging, interactive content marketing experiences. He is also Chair of the MarTech conference series, Editor of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog and author of Hacking Marketing.

Highlight: In addition to ion, Scott also writes a blog on the intersection of marketing and technology called Chief Marketing Technologist, and is the program chair of the MarTech marketing technology conference, an international conference series for senior-level, hybrid professionals who are both marketing- and tech-savvy.

Jeff Coveney

Jeff Coveney is the founder of RevEngine Marketing, a marketing automation consulting firm that helps companies accelerate leads through the marketing funnel in a repeatable and measurable way. Jeff is an accomplished marketing expert with more than 20 years success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology organizations.

Highlight:As a Marketo Champion, Jeff continually explores ways to leverage data and create custom Marketo programs for his clients.

Craig Elias

Craig Elias is the Creator of Trigger Event Selling™, and the Chief Catalyst of SHiFT Selling, Inc. For almost 20 years, Craig used Trigger Event strategies to become a top sales performer at EVERY company that has hired him – including WorldCom where he was named the #1 salesperson within six months of joining the company.

Highlight:Craig’s concept of Trigger Event Selling is a cornerstone to successful account-based selling. Identifying and leveraging trigger events within your key accounts gives your sales team an advantage over the competition. In fact, Craig says 74% of the time, first-in wins the sale!

Chris Engman

Chris Engman is the CEO of Vendemore, the world leader in Account Based Marketing for companies selling complex products or services B2B. A pioneer in B2B Account Based Marketing, Vendemore focuses on international companies doing large deals with large numbers of formal and informal decision makers in each customer.

Highlight: Account Based Marketing thought leader. Early evangelist of fundamental concepts: (1) 80% of revenue typically comes from 20% of customers; (2) “Align highest sales potential with marketing budget.”

Nick Ezzo

Nick Ezzo is the VP of Demand Generation for Host Analytics, the first and only company to offer a complete suite of enterprise performance management applications built from the ground up as cloud-based applications. Nick collaborates with high-performance teams of experienced sales and marketing professionals to create and execute hands-on lead generation programs.

Highlight: In 2016, Nick was named a Top 40 Demand Marketing Game Changer by Heinz Marketing and Integrate, and featured in an e-book, 155 Tips & Tactics from Demand Marketing’s Top 40 Game Changers.

Ann Handley

Ann Handley is the Head of Content at MarketingProfs and author of the WSJ bestseller, Everybody Writes. Ann is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals.

Highlight:Ann is a monthly columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and contributes to the Huffington Post, American Express OPEN Forum, Mashable, and LinkedIN Influencer Program. A sought-after speaker, Ann has wowed crowds at many high-profile conferences like Social Media Marketing World and Content Marketing World. Forbes named her as the most influential woman in Social Media and ForbesWoman recognized her as one of the Top 20 Women Bloggers. It’s no wonder she has well over 200k Twitter followers!

Steve Hays

Steve Hays is the Founder and CEO of Inside Sales Team which offers the industry’s leading sales acceleration platform built on Neuralytics, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine. InsideSalesTeam.com provides dedicated sales teams, data services, lead scoring and segmentation, sales operations support and full marketing services.

Highlight: Steve was instrumental in developing the AccountBasedEverything.com content hub, showcasing insights in Account Based Marketing.

Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz is the Founder of Heinz Marketing, a B2B marketing and sales acceleration firm that delivers measurable revenue results. With 15 years of marketing, business development and sales experience from a variety of organizations, vertical industries and company sizes, Matt’s career has focused on delivering measurable results for his employers and clients in the way of greater sales, revenue growth, product success and customer loyalty.

Highlight:Matt’s Heinz Marketing Blog is a leading publication of B2B sales and marketing insights. Late in 2015, he also launched a bi-weekly radio program called Sales Pipeline Radio, which currently runs every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. Pacific. It’s only 30-minutes long, fast-paced and full of actionable advice, best practices and more for B2B sales & marketing professionals.

Megan Heuer

Megan Heuer is the Vice President of Research for SiriusDecisions where she leads their Account-Based Marketing and Marketing Operations services. As a sales and marketing thought leader with more than 20 years of industry and professional services experience, she helps clients bridge the divide between best-practice theory and real-world requirements to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Highlight: SiriusDecisions conducted a 2015 State of Account Based Marketing Study in partnership with DemandBase and found that more than 90 percent of marketers believe that Account Based Marketing is a must-have.

Jeanne Hopkins

With more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience, Jeanne Hopkins serves as the senior vice president and Chief Marketing Officer at Continuum, a channel-exclusive provider of fully integrated managed services solutions. Since joining Continuum in 2013, she’s built a powerhouse metrics based sales and marketing machine.

Highlight:She is co-author of a No. 1 best-selling mobile marketing book on Amazon.com, Go Mobile. She’s on the Advisory Boards of Bedrock Data, BrightInfo, Mintigo and the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) as well as Co-Chair of the MassTLC Sales and Marketing Cluster. She’s received numerous awards including being named to the 10 MSP Industry Executives to Watch in 2014 list, the 50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management professionals, 2011– 2014 by SLMA and “20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management” for four years.

Peter Isaacson

Peter Isaacson is the CMO at Demandbase, a leading ABM technology company offering the only end-to-end ABM platform – account identification, account-based advertising, B2B website personalization, account-based marketing automation, sales insights and integrations into CRM – so that ABM results are optimized around sales activity.

Highlight: Peter introduced the ABM Maturity Model showcasing the four stages of ABM: Sales and Marketing Alignment, Target Accounts, Marketing Programs and Measurement and how the approach to each changes as the sophistication of the company’s strategies progresses.

Jon Miller

John Miller is the CEO and co-founder of Engagio Marketing, an “all-in-one” platform for account based marketing. Previously, he was a co-founder at Marketo (Nasdaq:MKTO), a leader in marketing automation. An entrepreneur, thought leader and speaker, he is the author of multiple marketing books including the Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation, the DG to Engaging Email Marketing, and the DG to Marketing Metrics & Analytics. Jon is on the Board of Scripted and is an adviser to Optimizely and Newscred.

Highlight: Jon’s presentation ‘Fishing With Spears’ changed the way people thought about Account Based Marketing. Lead-based marketing, he said, was like fishing with a net, grabbing a large quantity of leads (but not always qualified). Account Based Marketing, however, involves the precision of fishing with a spear — targeting key accounts and personalizing messaging so that it’s relevant and meaningful to them.

Adam New-Waterson

Adam is the Chief Marketing Officer at LeanData where he manages the positioning, shapes the vision for the product and develops the team. Prior to joining LeanData, Adam was Marketing Technologist at BloomReach where he helped build the company’s marketing machine. He’s passionate about simplifying sales and marketing so teams can focus on what they do best, selling.

Highlight: Named Marketo Champion of the Year in 2015, Adam is also the first five-time Marketo Champion. In his first year at LeanData, Adam completely revamped the company’s use of Marketo, increasing their Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) by 4x. The young company is now considered a leader in the Account Based Marketing sector thanks to Adam’s marketing vision, content publishing and Marketo mastery.

Maria Pergolino

Maria Pergolino is the SVP of Global Marketing for Apttus, the category defining Quote-to-Cash solutions provider built entirely on the Salesforce platform. Maria was one of the first 500 admins certified on SalesForce and continues to be a huge advocate of the platform.

Highlight:Maria has won numerous awards, including a Stevie Award for Women in Business and has been named to both the Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management and 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management lists.

Craig Rosenberg

Craig Rosenberg is the Chief Analyst at TOPO, an analyst firm that helps sales and marketing organizations achieve scalable revenue growth. TOPO currently supports over 200 companies, ranging from the largest technology companies in the world to early stage startups.

Highlight:Craig started a conversation within the ABM industry with his article: The Difference Between Account Based Marketing (ABM) And Outside Sales. In it, he showcases how the alignment of sales and marketing teams is critical for ABM success. Recently, Craig and his team released the 2016 TOPO Account Based Marketing Framework featuring eight strategic categories and over 42 critical elements to ABM strategy.

J. Robert Slaughter

President of Markistry – Bespoke Marketing Tailors and has over 20 years experience partnering with Fortune 1000 organizations to drive revenue via actionable strategy, people, processes and technology. Recently, Robert and his team merged their industry leading B2B marketing & sales enablement blog, The Common Thread with their newly redesigned corporate website.

Highlight: A leader in providing Account Based Marketing and Demand Generation strategies, Robert is a regular contributor to Business 2 Community on B2B Marketing and Social Selling.

Jill Rowley

Jill is a Social Selling Evangelist and Startup Advisor to numerous technology companies including Vidyard, HubSpot, TrackMaven, DataRPM, Nudge, Influitive, Accompany, and most recently, Allbound and Engagio. She’s a much sought after speaker and contractor, bridging the gap between sales and marketing.

Highlight:Known as the ‘sales queen,’ Jill has won numerous sales awards, including a Gold Stevie Award for Sales Representative of the Year in 2013. She’s mastered the art of social selling, and as a result is one of the most referenced experts in today’s shifting world of B2B sales and marketing.

Sangram Vajre

Sangram Vajre is the Co-Founder and CMO of Terminus, is a passionate Marketing geek at heart and loves to solve problems, both analytically and creatively. Over the years, Sangram has amassed invaluable experience from his exposure to startups, consulting, and global companies. Most recently, Sangram headed up Marketing at Pardot, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2013. Recently, he published Account Based Marketing for Dummies – a practical guide for mastering ABM strategies.

Highlight: Founder of the popular Account Based Marketing (ABM) ‪FlipMyFunnel movement, which showcases a new way to look at leads. Rather than acquiring a huge quantity of leads and reviewing them for quality, he encourages businesses to flip the traditional funnel, focusing on key accounts first, then increasing reach within each of those accounts. Recently, Sangram and his team launched Account Based Marketing University, an online program teaching the fundamentals of ABM.

Adrienne Weissman

Adrienne Weissman is the CMO of G2 Crowd, a leading business software review platform that leverages the collective power of trusted peers to help software buyers make better purchasing decisions. With more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience in the tech space under her belt, she is now responsible for leading the sales and marketing teams’ strategy, implementation and execution.

Highlight:G2 Crowd was the first organization to add Account Based Marketing (ABM) as a category for publishing content.

Jim Williams

Jim Williams is the VP of Marketing ‪Influitive, the advocate marketing company that helps the world’s most successful businesses spark, build and sustain a movement behind their brands with the participation of their greatest marketing asset: their customers. Before joining the Influitive team, he held marketing leadership roles at Eloqua, Unveil Solutions, Lernout & Hauspie, and several PR agencies.

Highlight:Jim evangelizes advocate-centric marketing. Advocacy marketing is the concept of identifying top tier customers, nurturing and empowering them to become your company’s biggest cheerleaders. Sometimes known as word-of-mouth marketing, brand advocacy plays well at the bottom of the Account Based Marketing funnel when sales teams are expanding further into key accounts.

Elle Woulfe

As VP of Marketing at LookBookHQ, Elle oversees all aspects of marketing with a specific focus on demand generation, sales enablement, marketing communications and product marketing. Prior to joining the LookBookHQ team, Elle worked at Eloqua and Lattice Engines, gaining experience in all aspects of B2B marketing: content, events, sales enablement, etc…

Highlight:Elle has won numerous awards including being named one of 20 Women To Watch In Sales Lead Management 2015 and most recently named a Top 40 Demand Marketing Game Changer by Heinz Marketing and Integrate, and featured in an e-book, 155 Tips & Tactics from Demand Marketing’s Top 40 Game Changers.

Tony Yang

Tony Yang is the VP of Demand Generation ‪of Mintigo, a leading enterprise predictive marketing platform company recently named “Best Sales and Marketing Intelligence Solution” in the 2015 SIIA CODiE Awards. As a data-driven marketer with deep experience in the B2B, SaaS, and enterprise 2.0 space, Tony’s career includes marketing leadership roles at several early stage SaaS startups as well as at large enterprises such as IBM.

Highlight:Tony demystifies the world of predictive marketing analytics, which allows marketing teams to better leverage this powerful technology. He has been named a 2016 Top 40 Demand Marketing Game Changer and a Top 50 Most Influential People at Marketo’s #MktgNation16.

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is the CEO and Co-founder of LeadGnome, an innovative Account Based Intelligence (ABI) web service that mines email responses to deliver account-specific contacts, enhance existing leads, and provide actionable sales intelligence. Matt is a passionate believer that sales and marketing alignment, transparency, and communication optimize revenue generation, and he champions this philosophy in his teams and writings. Matt’s previous positions include VP Marketing at LogMeIn, VP Global Marketing at Attunity and senior roles at Netezza and IBM.

Highlight: Matt is a huge advocate of sales and marketing alignment as well as leveraging Account Based Intelligence (ABI) to increase revenue growth. He participates actively in the market-changing FlipMyFunnel, Account Based Marketing, and Account Based Everything communities and was recently featured on the B2B Growth Podcast with James Carbary and Jonathan Green.

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