7 Reasons Why LeadGnome Was Named Top Sales & Marketing Tool of 2016

June 6, 2016 1:40:56 PM | By Matt Benati

Here at LeadGnome, we strive to provide you with fact-based resources and relevant information that will help you better understand the ever-changing world of Account Based Marketing (ABM), and how you can use Account Based Intelligence (ABI) to take your ABM to the next level.

Today, we’re going revisit some of key points of ABM and ABI – because it’s important to understand how everything works together – then we’re going to reveal the 7 reasons why LeadGnome was named a Top Sales & Marketing Tool of 2016 by Smart Selling Tools.

“Many organizations struggle to gain accurate, targeted, and up-to-date account intelligence,” commented Nancy Nardin, President of Smart Selling Tools. “LeadGnome has a unique way of delivering this data to help companies grow their pipelines and increase customer retention rates.”

You might want to stick around, because those reasons are also the top ways LeadGnome can turbocharge your revenue – and you can get started today!

Where It All Began

LeadGnome was born out of necessity. For the first time, I was head of marketing and my team and I were charged with providing high-quality leads to the sales team. We used a variety of inbound, outbound and nurturing methods — all involving some level of email marketing.

After sending out an email campaign to a recently purchased list, I combed through the response emails to gauge the quality of the contacts. (I figured if the bounce rate was high, I would ask the list vendor for replacement contacts or a discount.) As I scrolled through all of the response emails, I noticed something that stopped me from counting bounces: leads.

The auto-reply emails (like Out-Of-Office or Left-The-Company) contained valuable Account Based Intelligence (ABI) that I could use to expand our reach within key accounts. Knowing a great opportunity when I saw it, my team immediately started manually mining our reply emails for leads, but the process was time consuming and error-prone. Clearly, this wasn’t going to scale.

After realizing that an automated solution didn’t exist, I was inspired to launch LeadGnome.

What Is ABI?

Account Based Intelligence is all the little details about leads within key accounts that your sales team dreams of having access to. Say you have 2,000 leads in your newsletter opt-in list – they gave their name and email address (only) when they signed up on your site. You send them bi-weekly newsletters that contain a variety of useful information about your product or service. You patiently wait for someone to bite so that you can convert them to a prospect. But what if you had more information about these leads? What if you could get your hands on valuable ABI like phone numbers, cell numbers, titles, assistants, colleagues, company names and websites, even what their role is in the buying process???


You would be able to segment your list based on each lead’s role, then you would be able to send separate, targeted, highly-personalized messages to each group – tips for everyday users, pricing offers for influencers, ROI charts for buyers. Suddenly, your leads feel like you really “get” them – you understand their concerns and you’re proactively providing a solution. They’re engaged, they’re interested, and if you play your cards right, they’re customers.

THIS is the power of ABI.

Who Is LeadGnome – And What Do We Do?

LeadGnome is a category-defining Account Based Intelligence web service company that mines emails to generate new contacts, enhance and maintain existing leads, and provide actionable intelligence that fuels sales acceleration. LeadGnome empowers sales and marketing teams to increase connect rates, identify decision makers and influencers, and expand pipeline within new and existing accounts.

Here’s a real-life example of what we do: Your marketing department sends an email campaign to your 2,000 leads. Within a matter of minutes you begin receiving replies: Out of Office, Left the Company, changed email address, changed position, and even manual opt-out replies from the handful of subscribers who can’t be bothered to click the unsubscribe link. Do you read through each reply, or delete them?

STOP! Don’t delete them.

Those email replies contain invaluable ABI that can result in new and enhanced leads and opportunities your sales team wouldn’t get otherwise… if only you had enough manpower to slog through them all.

That’s precisely what LeadGnome does for you. Our automated web-based software analyzes your email replies within a matter of minutes and automatically updates your CRM with new and enhanced lead information. It will even schedule tasks for time-sensitive information that you need to take action on right away.

Whether you currently pay marketing analysts to manually review your email replies, or you are so overwhelmed at the prospect that you simply ignore them, using LeadGnome can increase your ROI hundreds, even thousands, of times over in terms of increased leads and revenue.

In case you weren’t already convinced, here are seven reasons why LeadGnome was named a Top Sales Tool of 2016.

#1 – Maximize Trigger Events

Trigger events are big changes within your account – a lead leaves, you catch wind they’re dissatisfied with their current provider, etc. Whatever the event, it signals a significant opportunity for your sales team to be the first one in. And according to Founder of ShiftSelling.com, Craig Elias, first in wins the sale 74% of the time. How do you become first in? By using an automated solution like LeadGnome to quickly mine your email replies to identify valuable ABI like a role change or Left the Company. When you learn about these important trigger events before your competitors, you’ve got a significant timing advantage in your favor.

#2 – Increase Leads

With just two campaigns per month, LeadGnome can add 36% more leads to your customer database by mining your email replies for ABI. These aren’t just any leads, but those within your key accounts – the decision makers and influencers. The result is that marketing can deliver actionable intelligence to the sales team that accelerates opportunities.

#3 – Excellent ROI

Better ROI is ultimately why you’re reading this post, right? And we could write endlessly on the subject as LeadGnome customers who share their numbers with us are blown away by the results. For the sake of brevity, we’ll direct you to the second half of this post where we look at a few examples of revenue-driven and cost-based ROI for companies who started using LeadGnome. Your company’s ROI will take into account several factors, but you can get a good idea of what it would be by using the ROI Wizard at the bottom of our Pricing page.

#4 – Append and Cleanse Customer Database

With just two campaigns per month, LeadGnome can enhance and maintain 72% of your customer database by uncovering changes within your accounts. According to Zoominfo, 62% of B2B companies rely on databases that are up to 40% inaccurate – even something as simple as a name change can ultimately result in a hard bounce and a dead-end lead if the change is not caught early enough. LeadGnome not only reverses this database decay, but propels you into the green by mining NEW leads as well.

#5 – Never Miss an Important Email

LeadGnome analyzes your email replies within a matter of minutes, updating your CRM and alerting you to important changes – like opt-outs. While these may seem like the least important replies to pay attention to, they are actually crucial to your brand’s reputation. Imagine someone manually replies to your email instead of using the unsubscribe link – it’s now up to you to see that email and manually remove them from all applicable lists. What if you don’t see it in time and they receive another (in their mind) “unsolicited” email from you? Well, depending the person, you can use your imagination as to the various outcomes. Being responsive goes a long way toward showing respect, and ultimately it affects customer sentiment (in the example above, imagine the lead blasting your social media sites and all of your customers seeing it [CRINGE]).

#6 – Two-Minute Setup

LeadGnome takes just a couple minutes to integrate with your current email program, and there are zero changes to your existing campaign processes. Once integrated, the automation means you can set it and forget it – it works tirelessly month after month, campaign after campaign, allowing you to focus on more important things.

#7 – CRM and MA Integration

LeadGnome is integrated with customer relationship managment (CRM) and marketing automation (MA) platforms, meaning there is no new system to learn. If LeadGnome does not integrate with your system, have no fear, we’re continuing to integrate with more platforms and all of your data can be exported in a .csv file so that it’s easily uploaded to whatever system you’re using.

So there you have it – all about why LeadGnome rocks! If you want to see for yourself why Nancy Nardin at Smart Selling Tools named us a Top Sales & Marketing Tool of 2016, sign up for a FREE trial today.

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