Accelerate! Podcast: Mining Reply Emails For Vital Sales Intelligence

December 12, 2017 6:06:05 AM | By Matt Benati

Accelerate! Podcast: Mining Reply Emails For Vital Sales Intelligence

Last week, I was honored to be a guest on Andy Paul’s podcast, Accelerate! (Sales, Profits, Growth), a go-to resource for the latest insights from leading authorities in sales, marketing, sales automation, leadership, coaching, market research, personal development and other fields.

With more than 30 years experience developing his career as a sales leader, consultant, speaker and best-selling author, Andy has seen a thing or two in the field of marketing and sales technology. So, when he called the sales intelligence that LeadGnome mines from reply emails “pure gold,” I have to admit, it felt pretty fantastic!

My discussion with Andy revolved around the challenge that many of today’s sales representatives face: standing out from competitors and having a “voice” with customers and prospects. Because of all the communication channels we use, prospects are getting bombarded with information. The solution? Find a way to become a helpful partner, to provide true value to prospects and customers — and not just sell to them.

The sales intelligence found in reply emails actually provides one of the easiest ways to stand out. When a lead replies — whether manually or with an auto-response (like an Out-Of-Office or Left-The-Company reply) — your team uncovers net new contacts, sales trigger events, etc. If you pay attention to these “gold” nuggets of information, adjust your messaging, and follow-up with highly-targeted, relevant information, your prospects take notice.

Listen to the full podcast:

Andy Paul Matt Benati Podcast

In the podcast, Andy and I talk about:

  • LeadGnome’s beginnings and my personal quest to find an easier way to mine the data in reply emails.
  • How LeadGnome uses artificial intelligence to recognize and extract relevant data from reply emails, and integrates with CRMs and marketing automation platforms to update customer databases automatically.
  • Insights that go beyond updating your database, like Left-The-Company replies that contain sales trigger events or changes in email domains that may indicate rebranding or M&A activity.
  • Intelligence from reply emails contains information about sales-ready leads – leads within organizations that sales is already engaging – which further supports the alignment between sales and marketing.
  • LeadGnome’s own Ideal Customer Profile, which includes mid-market and enterprise organizations that cannot manually analyze the large amounts of reply emails that result from their email marketing campaigns. Additionally, these organizations should have a mature marketing and sales stack since, without automation, data can become burdensome instead of helpful.
  • The high ROI of email compared to social and other channels means email will continue to be a core component of go-to-market strategies, regardless of whether an organization practices account based marketing (ABM), inbound, outbound or some combination.
  • Importance of timing emails properly and being consistent with email marketing — check out The Seventh Sense solution.
  • Emails are far less-intrusive than phone calls and texts, allowing prospects to consume them on their own time. Go a step further and have the sales person provide their calendar so the prospect can schedule a call at their convenience.
  • Our company prioritizes the long-term customer relationships over short-term revenue goals.

That last point is important to me because it really speaks to our sales philosophy. I talk to sales reps all the time and say, “Hey, let’s NOT be club-wielding sales people.” At the end of the day, we’re interested in helping our prospects become customers by driving true value – and ultimately revenue – for their organization.

Putting the customer first – being helpful, instead of simply making the sale – is always first in my mind when I talk to folks.

Curious as to exactly what types of intelligence your team might uncover by mining reply emails? Check out our latest eBook, Transformative B2B Demand Generation, for examples of the most common replies and the data you can find in each.

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