Account Based Intelligence + Native Marketo Programs = Increased Sales

April 18, 2017 8:59:31 AM | By Matt Benati

Marketo recently launched its Marketo Account Based Marketing (ABM) solution to support customers’ efforts to align sales and marketing teams to target, engage, and measure key accounts. Successful ABM strategies depend on sales and marketing alignment. But, in order to bring down the silos, the two must have a shared focus on Account Based Revenue . Marketo’s ABM solution facilitates this by providing the tools necessary for marketing to create campaigns that generate high quality, sales-ready leads — leads that sales teams can get excited about!

As Jeff Coveney, President of RevEngine Marketing says, “Taking an account-based approach is nothing new as that strategy has been around forever. The big reason companies can focus on ABM today: technology. Companies can now map their ABM objectives to a solution that changes the conversation with accounts. Marketo’s new ABM solution helps bridge that gap.”

Transform Your Email Marketing Into Revenue Marketing

Mining campaign reply emails for actionable Account Based Intelligence (ABI) is an excellent way for marketing campaigns to become more revenue-focused. When marketing sends out emails, such as newsletters, campaigns aligned with funnel stages, and nurturing programs, the reply emails generated contain tons of actionable intelligence about your target accounts. This ABI can be used to increase your sales pipeline, accelerate sales velocity, add net new contacts and cleanse your database, expand your reach within target accounts, and identify trigger events well before you competition.

Leveraging ABI in this way transforms email marketing , which is already a highly-effective component to any marketing campaign, into hardcore revenue marketing with immediate and measurable results.

Marketo Programs Leverage Account Based Intelligence

LeadGnome users who are also using Marketo love the fact that the ABI we uncover can immediately be used in native Marketo programs. We understand that marketing and sales professionals feel most comfortable using the systems they already rely on every day. That’s why we designed LeadGnome to run seamlessly in the background.

Every response that LeadGnome mines is automatically labeled with a specific response type. This categorization allows you to trigger the correct marketing automation workflow. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use the data LeadGnome uncovers with Marketo programs to create winning revenue-focused campaigns.

Example 1 – Automate Opting In & Out To Minimize Data Entry

With a smart list in Marketo, responses like ‘Unsubscribe’ and ‘Left The Company’ can trigger a single flow action, automatically adding these people to an email suppression list. In addition, if someone who previously unsubscribed opts back in, the Marketo action should include setting the LeadGnome response type custom field to a value of ‘Opt In’ — automatically removing them from your email suppression smart list and ensuring they receive your emails again.

This automation protects your brand’s reputation by ensuring unsubscribes and non-working emails are immediately addressed. Plus, your revenue-focused marketing is supported by quickly and efficiently adding leads back on your mailing list when they opt back in, ensuring they receive all of your messages.

Example 2 – Automate Sender Verification To Ensure Deliverability

Many organizations now employ sender verification technology to minimize spam. What does this mean for marketers? When you send an email, the receiving email server may deny deliverability until you perform a manual validation process that ensures you are not a spammer. LeadGnome marks these response types as a ‘Sender Verification’ record. With a smart list in Marketo, you can use a single flow action to alert the person responsible for completing the manual process, and then change the LeadGnome response type custom field to ‘Verified’.

By taking measures to catch and comply with sender verification requests, you ensure deliverability and maintain your positive sender reputation.

Example 3 – Turn Expired Email Addresses Into Sales Opportunities

Create a smart list in a Marketo program to identify “Expired Email Address” response types. The associated workflow will alert the lead owner (whether LDR or SDR) and let them know they should reach out to the lead with the updated email address.

Changes in email addresses typically signal one of two things: a personal change for your lead (which is an opportunity to reach out) or a major company event like rebranding or merger and acquisition. As 34% of companies change names annually , catching and acting upon M&A activity early is a sales trigger event that could uncover a valuable sales opportunity.

Why Marketo Users Choose LeadGnome For Email Mining

LeadGnome’s web service was designed to be simple yet effective. It runs seamlessly in the background, requires zero changes to your existing campaigns, zero help from IT, and takes just two minutes to set up. In addition to classifying each type of response, LeadGnome provides additional information such as time stamping and relationship tracking — identifying exactly how and when a new contact record entered your database. Best of all, our integration with Marketo means you can automate virtually every aspect of the email mining and follow-up processes using the raw data from LeadGnome in native Marketo programs — eliminating the need to learn another system.

The common thread in every scenario here that combines LeadGnome data with native Marketo programs is the alignment of sales and marketing, and most importantly, the early identification of trigger events that makes marketing all the more relevant to sales.

If you’re a Marketo user looking to up your ABM game, try LeadGnome free. Our automated solution mines your sales and marketing campaign reply emails for information about contacts within your best-fit accounts. And not just email signatures — the entire unstructured body of the email. It takes just 2 minutes to set up using a simple email forwarding rule, and requires no changes to your Marketo platform or to the emails you send or receive. To learn more about the impact email mining can have on revenue, download our free guide:

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