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December 9, 2019 2:06:20 AM | By Matt Benati

Automate Reply Email Mining

You finally got approval on that big email marketing campaign. You know it’s a winner. You hit ‘send’ and launch it to thousands of contacts, already anticipating checking the stats tomorrow morning. But while you’re still riding that temporary high, your inbox starts pinging with automated replies. Hundreds – maybe even thousands – of them.

What now?

The Out-Of-Office (OOO), Left-The-Company (LTC), and other replies we get from marketing campaigns contain valuable intelligence, but extracting that data has long been a pain point for marketers. Automating this process saves an incredible amount of time, makes it possible to mine more emails in less time, and allows you to assign staff to more productive tasks.

The Problem With Manually Mining Emails

Manually mining email replies is certainly better than ignoring them altogether, but the process doesn’t come without challenges. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at what the step-by-step process looks like in a typical marketing department:

  1. Go to marketing reply inbox
  2. Open a reply
  3. Read reply and identify relevant information (additional contact info, alternate contacts, date in and out of the office, lead has left the company, etc)
  4. Update CRM
  5. Create necessary follow-up tasks (add contacts to relevant email lists, send introductory emails, schedule calls, etc)
  6. Alert lead/account owners to follow-up tasks
  7. Forward important human replies to lead owners for response
  8. Perform manual tasks, such as clicking email verification links
  9. Remove contacts that have manually unsubscribed from email lists

We’ve found manually mining replies takes an average of 2 minutes per email – and that’s being liberal. It probably takes much longer by the time all the follow-up tasks are completed. Some quick math tells us that a marketing analyst or intern can mine about 30 replies per hour, or 4,800 per month.

What’s In A Reply?

If you’re analyzing 4,800 reply emails per month, you can expect to add about 2,400 net new contacts to your database. This is based on LeadGnome customer data that 50% of replies deliver an alternate contact. Again, some quick math tells us that’s about 28,800 net new contacts annually.

At this point, you can input your own company’s average contract value (ACV) and close rate to determine your potential annual revenue from mining email replies. The example below uses a modest ACV of $2,500 and a close rate of .75% (SiriusDecisions reports typical close rates of 0.75% to 1.25%).

Using these figures, this company could expect an additional $540,000 in revenue from mining replies.

The Cost Of Manual Email Management

If you realize this additional revenue and you’re paying an analyst a salary of $60,000 to mine emails, you could expect an ROI of more than 550% – not too bad, right?

LeadGnome vs Manual Email Mining

But the hard cost is only one part of the equation. To determine the true cost of manually managing reply emails, you also have to consider:

  • What if you have more than 4,800 replies each month? Do you hire a second analyst?
  • What about human error? Manual data entry is tedious and error-prone; one transposed number in an email address or phone number voids the contact.
  • Can someone realistically do this job for 8 full hours a day, day in and day out?
  • How timely is the intelligence by the time a person gets to the four thousandth email reply?

Most importantly, is this really the best use of a full-time employee’s time? What if you could save those 40 hours a week and reassign your analyst to more productive tasks?

Save Time & Money By Automating Email Reply Management

LeadGnome is an automated reply email mining service. It integrates with your existing CRM, marketing automation platform and email service, which means you don’t have to learn a new system. Setup takes just two minutes and requires no IT involvement. It analyzes replies quickly and automatically updates your database with new contacts and changes to existing records. It also routes human replies to lead owners so that they can be acted on immediately. Finally, it categorizes replies by type and automatically files them in designated folders, keeping your inbox tidy and organized.  

You can save even more time by creating workflows in your marketing automation platform that are automatically triggered based on the data LeadGnome finds – for example, a Left-The-Company reply can trigger an introductory email to the replacement contact identified in the LTC reply. An Out-Of-Office reply can trigger a follow-up task for the account owner to reach out when the lead is back in the office.

Benefits of automated email mining:

  • Increases database health
  • Increases opportunities / revenue
  • Enriches existing leads (e.g., phone numbers, job titles)
  • Eliminates invalid contacts
  • Adds 20% new contacts annually
  • Timely analysis of replies
  • Scalable and works whether you have 100 or 50,000 replies
  • Updates your CRM automatically
  • Workflows in your CRM automate tasks for your specific business
  • Eliminates manual process and human error
  • Ensures sales intelligence is complete and accurate
  • Costs much less than paying an employee
  • Allows you to reallocate human resources

Siri Quote LeadGnome

ROI Of Automating Reply Email Mining

In addition to the time savings, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the ROI of switching to LeadGnome to automatically mine emails. Using the same inputs as above, and based on a LeadGnome subscription of $9,215 per year (subscription is based on number of replies mined monthly), switching to LeadGnome has an ROI of more than 5,700%!

ROI of Using LeadGnome

An automated email mining service like LeadGnome costs a fraction of a full-time employee’s salary. If we look beyond the manual vs. automation costs, the true benefits of automating are increased revenue potential, significant time savings, and improved accuracy. By eliminating the manual process, you can analyze more replies in less time, eliminate human error, and identify intelligence in a more timely manner.

Ready to take back your valuable time and start realizing the benefits of automating reply email management? Schedule a demo with me to talk numbers and start using LeadGnome today!

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