B2B Growth Podcast: Boosting Your Bottom Line With Email Mining

March 1, 2020 8:05:27 AM | By Matt Benati

Boosting Your Bottom Line With Email Mining

This week I was honored to be the featured guest on the B2B Growth Show by Sweet Fish Media, a daily podcast that helps B2B executives achieve explosive growth. While they feature interviews with such leaders as Gary Vaynerchuk, most of the people they interview are (like me) in the trenches experimenting with and designing the very solutions needed for B2B success.

And as you know, mining email replies for actionable sales intel plays a huge role in achieving that success! After Nikki Ivey of Sweet Fish Media and I agree to disagree on the Boston Red Sox, I give a little background on my personal B2B expertise and the experiences that launched LeadGnome.


Next we dive into why it’s important for sales and marketing teams to pay attention to the information contained in email replies. We explore:

  • The competitive sales advantages that email replies contain
  • Who within an organization should be using LeadGnome
  • The biggest pain points to mining replies manually
  • The advantages of capturing human replies
  • How LeadGnome “filters the junk” out of your inbox
  • And more…

We wrap up the interview talking about how the data becomes even more valuable after it’s mined — the workflows that can be put into place, the data that’s updated, etc. If you’ve been wondering how mining email replies could impact your B2B business, listen in for all of the details.

Want to learn more about mining reply emails and see examples of the most popular types of email replies we see? Check out our free eBook: Competition Crushing B2B Sales Development.

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