Build Your Email List With Best Quality Leads

August 7, 2018 4:28:14 PM | By Matt Benati

Build Your Email List With Best Quality Leads

As a marketing professional, maintaining the health of your company’s database is integral to the success of your campaigns. You and your sales team both rely on accurate contact information to engage leads. But just as important is adding new leads to your database. And not just any leads — your sales team wants qualified leads. But what are qualified leads – hopefully something more than a person that downloaded an eBook or attended a webinar.

What if you could not only give your sales team qualified leads, but leads that are in the target accounts they’re already engaging — sales-ready leads? I’m talking about leads in opportunities that they’re already working…leads that could mean the difference between a stagnant account and closing the deal.

You can. And it’s remarkably easy. Best of all, you don’t have to look far.

Where Can You Find Quality Leads? Check Your Inbox.

Every time you send an email campaign, you inevitably receive replies back. These can be Out-Of-Office (OOO), Left-The-Company (LTC), or even manual unsubscribe requests. Historically, these types of replies have been considered a “nuisance” and deleted, but we now know that they contain valuable information about the accounts you’re engaging.

Additionally, they contain alternate contacts: colleagues your original lead is telling you to contact in their absence, and replacement contacts an organization is telling you to contact when someone leaves the company.

Let’s take a look at an example Out-Of-Office reply and see what information we can discover:

Out Of Office Sample Email - Color

The first thing to understand when you receive an OOO is that your lead is still a valid contact at the organization. Had you received a Left-The-Company or hard bounce, you would need to remove the contact from your database and start the search for new contacts within the account.

What other information did you learn?

  • Mark’s current title
  • Mark’s current cell phone
  • Stephanie is an alternate contact (plus her email and phone number)
  • Bruce is an alternate contact (plus his email and phone number)
  • The date Mark will be back in the office

Since we’re talking about building email lists, the biggest takeaway here is the acquisition of Stephanie and Bruce’s contact information. With new research from Gartner now finding that it takes an average of 7 people within an organization to make a B2B buying decision, Stephanie and Bruce may be valuable influencers (or even decision makers!) as you work to expand your reach into the ABC Software account.

And here’s the kicker: around 87% of email auto-responses are Out-Of-Office replies. Of those, more than half contain an alternate contact. Some quick math demonstrates how quickly you can beef up your database with new leads. In fact, we’ve calculated that LeadGnome customers add around 20%+ more contacts annually.

Email List Building Benefits From Mining Email Replies

The really fantastic part about discovering new leads from mining emails is that the intel is as fresh as it can possibly be. Think of how fast those OOOs start hitting your marketing inbox after sending a campaign! With traditional means of adding leads, any list you acquire begins decaying as soon as it’s generated. The information your leads are passing along to you in OOOs, however, is current – and relevant.

Especially in an ABM model, the leads you’re sending emails to are already in your target accounts. These are your ideal customers. That’s why we say these alternate contacts that you learn about from OOOs are sales-ready leads; they could be influencers or even decision makers that could positively impact an opportunity that sales is working.

But why stop there? Build your email list with sales-ready leads, while also taking advantage of these additional benefits of email mining as well:

Increase connect rates – When a lead gives you the dates they’ll be in and out of the office, this is a strategic opportunity to increase connect rates. Use the information in an OOO auto-response to reschedule your original campaign to send when they return, but then go a step further and schedule a personal message after they’ve had a day to get settled. Ask them about their (vacation, seminar, etc.) to build rapport and engage them in a meaningful conversation.

Maintain a positive email reputation – Today’s corporate spam filters often send first-time senders verification requests. These spam traps require a person to manually click a link and complete a CAPTCHA to have their message released from quarantine and delivered to the recipient. Failing to catch and act on these spam traps can cause your domain to get blacklisted and tank your email reputation.

Ensure compliance with email spam laws – Remember not all email replies are auto-responses. Occasionally you will get a manual unsubscribe request that needs to be acted on promptly to stay compliant with privacy laws, such as CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR. Also important to note when talking about compliance, is that the alternate contacts mined from OOOs and LTCs can be lawfully emailed under “implied consent” and “legitimate interest.” As with any time you’re adding new contacts to your database, it’s always a best practice to use permission-based marketing to get the new contacts’ consent to receive communication from you.

LeadGnome Easily Adds Sales-Ready Leads To Your Email Lists

Now for the easy button. If reviewing reply emails sounds like a daunting task, you’re right — for a human. But not for LeadGnome, which automates the process, working seamlessly in the background to instantly analyze and mine intelligence from every reply to every email you send. Replies are labeled, relevant data is mined and automatically added to your database, and a reply sorter feature moves replies to dedicated folders for follow-up (i.e. spam traps that require action, manual unsubscribe requests, etc.).

Best of all, LeadGnome leads are more current and accurate than any other lead generation model. Why? Because the data is coming directly from your target accounts, and it is automatically updated with every reply received from leads in those accounts. The leads LeadGnome delivers are not just quality leads, they’re premium leads. They’re sales-ready leads that are within the account, and often even within the opportunity.

What would you and your sales team pay for leads like this? The lead generation industry typically charges more than $0.50 for account-specific leads. LeadGnome customers’ CPL (Cost Per Lead) ranges from $0.10 to $0.40.

Talk about an affordable – and EASY – way to add sales-ready leads to your email lists.

Take a look at the most popular reply emails we mine and the quality sales intelligence we uncover by downloading our free eBook, Revolutionary B2B Marketing Operations:

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