Capture “Customer Whispers” And Watch Your Sales Pipeline Grow

October 26, 2016 7:09:44 AM | By Matt Benati

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with President and Founder of Heinz Marketing, Matt Heinz. Fresh from the CEB conference in Vegas, Matt landed in Boston for the MarketingProfs B2B Forum and we were eager to talk shop.

If you haven’t tuned into Matt’s weekly show, Sales Pipeline Radio, you need to check it out for invaluable tips from him and other industry experts about sales pipeline management and growth. You can listen live every week on Thursdays at 11:30am Pacific, or download the podcast app in iTunes and catch up on past shows.

You can listen to our entire conversation here, but here’s a recap of what we discussed:

  • The Creation Of LeadGnome – Needing a way to automatically extract valuable account based intelligence from the unstructured body of campaign reply emails, Founder of LeadGnome, Matt Benati, created a martech web service to do just that.
  • Campaign Reply Emails Represent an Opportunity Most Companies Ignore – This valuable dataset is hard to leverage and is often tossed into the bit bucket. But mining reply emails provides insights about your target accounts, making it ideal for account based marketing (ABM) teams.
  • Email Mining vs. Signature Scraping – LeadGnome mines data from the entire email, including the human-written, unstructured body, and not just the signature. Email mining goes well beyond signature scraping — delivering sales trigger events, net new contacts, and updates to existing leads.
  • Type of Information Mined from Reply Emails – When you’re sending campaigns to the contacts within your target accounts, the information in reply emails comes directly from your accounts. There is no easier or more accurate way to obtain actionable intelligence.
    • Out of Office – When your contact will be back in the office. Automatically schedule a task to follow-up and increase connect rates, and identify referral contacts.
    • Left the Company – Find out about significant sales trigger events months before your competitors get a hard bounce. Turn a LTC into 4 sales opportunities, and when you’re first in, you win the deal 74% of the time!
    • Change of Email – A heads-up about this trigger event could signal a rebranding campaign, merger or acquisition. Has the account’s need for your solution changed as a result?
  • It All Adds Up! – Small insights, or “whispers” as Matt Heinz put it, replace the thunderbolts you think you should be looking for.
  • These whispers – small increases in productivity and connect rates – all add up.
  • Targeted Messaging – Tracking the movement within your accounts and getting smarter about their buying process allows you to create a targeted messaging map for personas based on their roles.
  • The Buying Process – It seems to be getting more complex. Sales cycles are longer and there are more people involved in the buying process (nearly 7 now according to CEB, more for enterprise buying processes). What tools and strategies are successful companies using to cut through?
  • Looking Forward – Through the integration of LeadGnome and customers’ CRM and marketing automation platforms like Salesforce and Marketo, users are able to use predictive analytics to drive new opportunities and pipeline growth.

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