Case Study: How DoubleDutch Used LeadGnome To Generate $30M In Pipeline In 6-months

March 6, 2017 10:52:46 AM | By Matt Benati

If you follow me on Twitter or here on the LeadGnome blog, you know that I am genuinely passionate about helping our customers achieve their sales goals. I love helping marketers realize the value of mining emails for Account Based Intelligence — showing them simple and actionable ways they can leverage that ABI to grow revenue, and then watching their ROI skyrocket. So when a LeadGnome customer reaches out and says, “Hey Matt, just wanted to say that thanks to LeadGnome we’ve generated $30 million in pipeline in 6 months,” I can’t wait to learn more and share the success with our community!

This week, we’re highlighting LeadGnome customer, DoubleDutch, the creator of a live engagement marketing platform. The company’s 2016 goal was to grow their pipeline and, secondarily, find an effective database cleansing solution. In just 6 months of using LeadGnome, DoubleDutch significantly increased their early-stage pipeline growth as well as Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Download the case study below to learn more about DoubleDutch’s journey with LeadGnome.

Download Case Study

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