Case Study: How Vocera Communications Increased Email Deliverability to 99.2% In Just Three Months

September 25, 2018 2:04:35 PM | By Matt Benati

Case Study - Vocera Increases Email Deliverability

I love seeing how real life businesses are using technology to work more efficiently and drive revenue. It’s what we’re all about here at LeadGnome. So when Nancy Lawson Beech, Marketing Automation Specialist and Marketo Certified Expert at Vocera Communications reached out to say how thrilled she was that their email deliverability had rocketed to more than 99% after just three months of using LeadGnome —  I just had to learn more about their journey.

Turns out their challenge was twofold: they knew they had bad contacts in their database, which were affecting deliverability. And they wanted a solution to manage the overwhelming amount of Out-Of-Office responses they received. LeadGnome’s email mining service was the solution for both.

But using LeadGnome also came with an added bonus that they weren’t expecting. Download the case study below to learn more!

Download Case Study

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