Close More Deals By Automatically Routing Human Replies

January 20, 2020 10:42:56 AM | By Matt Benati

Close More Deals By Automatically Routing Human Replies

We talk a lot about automated reply emails, such as Out-Of-Office and Left-The-Company. These replies are goldmines of intel and even represent trigger events and valuable sales opportunities. But beyond auto-responses, it’s the search for human replies that motivates sales and marketing to keep scrolling through their inboxes. Human replies represent interest – a “hand raise” – and to maintain that interest, speed is critical. The faster your response, the more likely a lead is to buy from you versus your competitor.

Instead of scrolling and searching for human replies, wouldn’t it be nice to have these replies routed directly to the lead owner or sales rep? With LeadGnome, they are. And it’s instant.

Today, I’ll show you three ways that automatically routing human replies with LeadGnome increases the efficiency and productivity of your marketing and sales efforts. You’ll get back valuable time, and you will ELIMINATE manual processes, human error, and common roadblocks that prevent speedy responses to human replies.

#1 – Marketing Can Get Back To Marketing

Your marketing team has many competing priorities – and digging through reply emails, while valuable, can take a lot of time. But until LeadGnome automated this process, some organizations had dedicated human resources for just that. Some mined the intelligence from every reply, while others admitted to just scrolling through for the most important replies – like the human ones. Even still, this takes time and carries the risk of human error. And, it takes away from other critical marketing tasks.

The better solution is to automate the task of routing human replies to lead owners. When LeadGnome is managing your reply emails, human replies are identified and instantly delivered directly to the lead owner’s inbox.

Now marketing can:

  • ELIMINATE manually digging through thousands of emails to find human replies
  • ELIMINATE manually determining who the lead owner is for each human reply
  • ELIMINATE manually forwarding human replies to the lead owner

This saves countless hours and frees up marketing’s time to get back to important tasks, such as analytics, strategy, and campaign development.

#2 – Sales Engages Customers Much Faster

Now, within seconds of a lead replying to your campaign, the lead owner or sales development representative has an engaged and qualified the lead sitting in their inbox – with absolutely zero effort on marketing’s part.

Best of all, LeadGnome delivers human replies directly to sales reps as if the rep is the intended recipient. Instead of being “forwarded” from the marketing inbox, the reply comes “From” the lead, “To” the sales rep.

This means all a sales rep has to do is click “Reply” to initiate contact!

Now your sales and marketing team can:

  • ELIMINATE the gap in time between when a reply is received to when it hits sales’ inbox
  • ELIMINATE sales reps having to cut-and-paste the lead’s email address from a forwarded email (just hit the “Reply” button)
  • ELIMINATE the messy process and potential error in replying to a forwarded email

This is a huge time saver for sales reps, and allows them to effortlessly (and instantly) reply directly to leads.

#3 – Quick Response Time = Better Engagement

When a prospect raises their hand to take the next step, the name of the game is speed. Imagine: of 2,000 replies, what if the only human reply was the 1,998th one. Would you have gotten to it and if so would it have been hours or days since the prospect sent that reply? Sadly, many marketing reply-to email address are simply not monitored so personal replies are never even identified.

The problem with that? The longer you wait to respond, the more likely a lead will forget about you and move onto another vendor. In fact, research from M.I.T. and shows that a response time of 5 minutes or less is ideal. Waiting just 5 minutes longer decreases the chance of qualifying a lead by as much as 400%!

What’s more, research suggests that 35-50% of sales go to the first responding vendor. That is, when a lead is actively searching for a solution – as with a human reply to your campaign – they’re expecting a quick response. They’re more likely to give their business to the company that makes a great impression, first.

When human replies are automatically routed to lead owners, you decrease your response time, increase connect rates, qualify more leads, and ultimately close more deals.

Now you can:

  • ELIMINATE delayed delivery of human replies to lead owners
  • ELIMINATE common roadblocks to a speedy response

The saying “if you’re not first, you’re last,” rings true especially when it comes to human replies to your email campaigns. These are not passive inquiries. These are leads that have read your email, and have taken the time to personally reach out because they’re interested. It’s very likely they’re researching your competitors’ offerings at the same time!

A fast response to these human replies is critical to making contact and winning the deal. With LeadGnome, human replies are identified the moment they hit your shared marketing inbox and instantly routed to the correct lead owner. You get back valuable time and eliminate tedious manual steps, but more importantly, it’s now entirely possible to respond to leads within that critical first 5 minutes.

Ready to close more deals and realize the benefits of automating reply email management? Schedule a demo with me to talk numbers and start using LeadGnome today!

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