Convert Your Email Marketing Waste Into Revenue Growth

August 11, 2016 10:33:24 AM | By Matt Benati

Amid the billions of B2B emails sent and received every day, marketers have long struggled with managing campaign reply emails. Many of us know that these replies contain valuable Account Based Intelligence, but the logistics of manually mining each reply can be downright overwhelming.

And yet, when we crunch the numbers and see what happens when we do extract every last ounce of intelligence out of each email, the positive effect to your bottom line – revenue – can be significant. All of a sudden what was once thought of as an unimportant or even an end-of-the-line reply email, is now a coveted piece of the email marketing process!

  • Every campaign reply email contains Account Based Intelligence that can:
  • Generate NEW referral contacts within targeted accounts, adding 36% net new contacts to your customer database when you send out just two campaigns per month.
  • Identify sales Trigger Events, giving your team a 3-6 month advantage over the competition. As Craig Elias of SHiFT Selling says, “First in wins the sale 74% of the time!”
  • Append and cleanse your database continually. Considering that 94% of businesses suspect that their customer and prospect data are inaccurate, this is huge! Based on two campaigns a month, you can enhance 72% of existing leads with data that comes directly from targeted accounts — far more fresh and accurate than other sources!

In the following Infographic, we explore the growing channel of email marketing, the intelligence found in campaign reply emails and the large opportunity this presents. See the benefits of Account Based Intelligence, then try out our calculator and see for yourself how much you could grow YOUR company’s revenue by doing one simple thing: mining campaign reply emails.

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