Declare Your Independence From Reply Email Overload

July 4, 2017 8:03:18 AM | By Matt Benati

As we celebrate America’s birthday this week, for many it means a long holiday weekend. Vacations, BBQs, beaches, long sunny days and fireworks by night. So when it’s time to go back to the office, the last thing you want to return to is a bogged down inbox containing bouncebacks from your latest email marketing campaign.

Instead of engaging leads back in the office, refreshed from their time off and ready to get down to business, you’re slogging through auto-responders. Not anymore!

It’s time to declare your independence from reply email overload once and for all with an automated reply email mining solution.

Freedom From Manual Review

Depending on the size of your database and frequency of campaigns, you could have hundreds, or even thousands of email replies to analyze each week. Manually monitoring, analyzing, and mining the data is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. Some marketing departments hire full-time analysts to do this job all day, every day, undercutting the positive impact email mining ultimately has on sales and revenue.

Declare your independence from manual review with LeadGnome’s Artificial Intelligence SaaS solution.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sophisticated machine learning technology, LeadGnome automatically analyzes the unstructured body of reply emails to mine intelligence about your leads and accounts. Capable of mining thousands of emails in a matter of minutes, LeadGnome gives you total freedom from the manual review process!

Freedom From Data Entry

You know there’s Account Based Intelligence (ABI) in every reply email that you take the time to analyze. What then? After mining the data, you have to manually enter it into your marketing automation or CRM, possibly into your email system as well. Not only is there a high chance of error when humans do data entry all day, it’s time-consuming and costly.

Declare your independence from data entry with LeadGnome’s sophisticated lead-to-account matching technology that automatically updates your CRM or Marketing Automation (MA) platform with the mined ABI.

Take it a step further by creating custom workflows in your MA system that automatically initiate tasks and alerts based on the data LeadGnome generates. Start to finish, there is ZERO data entry on your part when you use LeadGnome.

Freedom From Unqualified Leads

A thousand new leads per month carry no weight if only two of them are in your target accounts. Unqualified leads waste the time of your sales and marketing staff, dilutes your database, and hinders your marketing efforts.

Declare your independence from unqualified leads and get leads that convert 10-20 times better with LeadGnome.

When you mine campaign reply emails with LeadGnome, you’re getting the freshest, most relevant information possible because it’s coming straight from the accounts you’re already engaging. By focusing on a set of key accounts, segmenting your lists, and sending targeted content based on persona, the email replies you get back contain valuable intelligence about the leads you really care about.

Freedom From Stale Databases

Marketing to leads that have left the company, are no longer in the same role, or who simply don’t want to hear from you is not only a waste of resources; it also damages your sender reputation and costs your organization thousands to scrub bad records, acquire new leads, and compensate for failed marketing initiatives.

Declare your independence from stale databases with continual database cleansing from LeadGnome.

By automatically mining your reply emails for ABI, LeadGnome enhances and maintains up to 72% of existing leads, giving you freedom from stale databases and confidence that you’re working with the freshest data possible.

This 4th of July, declare your independence from manual work and automate your reply email mining program! Not only will you will save time, effort, and money, but you will also grow your pipeline! Start your free trial of LeadGnome today.

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