Drive Top-Line Revenue With Sales Trigger Events

August 22, 2017 4:48:37 AM | By Matt Benati

Driving leads through a sales funnel with multiple touch points and nurturing opportunities is a common strategy for B2B sales and marketing teams. But certain critical changes in your target accounts generate top-line revenue opportunities more often than you think. When you catch whiff of one of these, it’s imperative to act fast, be the first in, and close the deal.

How do you find these top-line revenue opportunities? Many of them are likely already sitting right in your inbox! Every time you send an email marketing campaign, replies are generated. Pay attention to these email replies because they are more than just opt-out requests. Nearly every reply contains valuable sales intelligence your team can use to drive revenue.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common sales trigger events that deliver tremendous purchase opportunities – and how to easily find them!

Change Of Email Address

37% of email addresses change annually – is it wedding bells, or something juicier?

If you receive an auto-reply that your lead’s email address has changed, look closely.

If it’s a name change (i.e., to the left of the @ symbol), it’s a life event. If you know your lead well enough, this is a great opportunity to personally reach out and congratulate them on the new chapter in their life.

If, on the other hand, it’s a domain change (i.e., to the right of the @ symbol), this could signal merger and acquisition or rebranding activity. And anytime there’s a major shakeup like this within an organization, the chaos that follows is ripe with sales opportunities. Roles get shuffled around, new faces come on board, loyal personnel are promoted — and everyone is eager to make their mark.

You can capitalize on this type of change by quickly learning as much as you can about the M&A or rebranding and the organization’s goals. If you successfully frame your solution to meet the organization’s new and evolving needs — and get it in front of the new influencers before the dust settles, you may be able to bypass your sales funnel at warp speed and drive top-line revenue.

Left The Company (LTC)

30% of people change jobs annually – are you on top of the movement within your accounts?

An auto-response alerting you that your lead has left the company is a powerful sales trigger event. Under no circumstances should you get discouraged, delete the email, and subsequently delete the record from your CRM!

When someone leaves a company, someone else typically takes their place. If the person has influence or buying power, then the new lead is going to be eager to prove themselves and may be more open to improving processes and efficiencies by purchasing new solutions. Again, getting your solution in front of the new lead as quickly as possible will boost your chances of making the sale.

But that’s not the only opportunity with a LTC. In a previous article, I showed that with a little investigative work, you can follow the movement of every person involved in a Left The Company scenario and generate up to four potential sales opportunities!

Change Of Title

66% of people’s titles and/or job functions change annually – Did your user just become your buyer?

While it’s true some employees choose to make lateral moves within an organization to explore new opportunities, many title changes are the result of a promotion. With email marketing, you’ll often notices title changes in a lead’s email signature or perhaps in the body of an email announcing the change.

With a promotion comes more responsibility and the potential for buying power or influence over those within buying positions. Reach out personally and congratulate your lead on their new position and find out how their position fits within the account. Move the lead to the appropriate email list and begin sending them content relevant to their new position as it relates to your solution. (For example, your user may have just become your buyer!)

Most importantly, do it FAST. Once again, you have a person in a new position with a mission to prove themselves. Make your solution the first that crosses their desk, make a great first impression, and close the deal.

Human Replies

While the bulk of your reply emails will be auto-responses, you will occasionally get a manual reply as well. When someone takes the time to personally respond to an email campaign, this is a huge opportunity! Whether they want to speak to a salesperson or they want a replay of a webinar they can’t attend, you have the greenlight reach out personally and further the relationship. Take advantage of these human replies and make the most of the one-on-one exchange.


There’s only one chance to be first into a deal, and the window of opportunity has a shelf life. Once your competitors catch wind of these changes happening within organizations, they’re going to be just as eager to be the first through the door.

So how do you find out about these trigger events first and beat the competition?

Like we mentioned in the beginning, they are literally sitting in your inbox!

Every time marketing sends an email campaign, the replies that come back are chock full of actionable intelligence that can be used to identify trigger events — such as when a lead leaves the company (Left-The-Company auto-response), when a merger takes place (Change-Of-Email auto-response), or when your user gets promoted to your buyer (Change-Of-Title identified in the body or signature of a reply email). While some marketers think of email mining as just a way to identify opt-outs and unsubscribes, in truth every reply contains a wealth of valuable revenue-driving information.

Monitoring reply emails automatically allows you to learn about trigger events months ahead of your competition, who may not find out until they receive a hard bounce (i.e., the email address has been removed).

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If There Was An ‘Easy Button’ For Mining Email Replies?

Mining emails is hard work. Even if you pay a full-time analyst to monitor and analyze reply emails, the risk for error is high and it still eats into valuable time when you could be acting instead analyzing.

LeadGnome is a reply email mining service that automatically mines the responses to your marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. Best of all, it requires zero IT involvement, campaign changes or data entry on your end. By continuing to send your email marketing campaigns, business-as-usual, you unlock all the data the replies contain without lifting a finger. Our system automatically categorizes specified replies – such as Left The Company or Change Of Email – allowing you to clearly see those timely trigger events and act on them immediately.

That’s one heck of an ‘easy button’!

Download our free eBook: Transformative B2B Demand Generation to uncover trigger events months before your competition, and start driving more top-line revenue today!

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