#FlipMyFunnel Podcast: How Reply Email Mining Helps Increase Sales

May 1, 2018 1:34:32 PM | By Matt Benati

#FlipMyFunnel Podcast: How Reply Email Mining Helps Increase Sales

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Sangram Vajre on his #FlipMyFunnel Podcast, a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals become masters of their craft. Friday is the #OneHero episode, where the podcast highlights and celebrates a blog post and contributor from the #FMF community and discusses topics surrounding sales, marketing and customer success.

LeadGnome has been on Sangram’s radar for a while now, and he was eager to talk shop and learn more about reply email mining — specifically how it’s become such a popular strategy that even G2Crowd has given lead mining its own category (with LeadGnome being a “High Performer”).

As always, I was pumped to share my journey and the inspiration for LeadGnome, and give Sangram some specific examples of the types of intelligence replies contain and how they help sales and marketing.

I often refer to email mining as the last mile of automation. When replies are ignored, we’re giving up huge opportunities to engage leads within the accounts that sales is already working. Email mining makes marketing more relevant to sales and helps align the two teams. When you’re emailing an account, the replies coming back contain intelligence about that account. Leveraging this information allows marketing to help sales go deeper into accounts, learn more about leads, and ultimately close more deals.

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Here’s a quick recap of the podcast. You can listen to the full episode #85 here.

  • What exactly reply email mining is, and how it allows you to leverage every bit of data from an email marketing campaign
  • The continued growth of email marketing in B2B and ABM
  • Typical reply rates, net new contacts added, and existing records cleansed and enriched as a result of email mining
  • How email campaigns, specifically newsletters, can be leveraged around holidays
  • Out-Of-Office example and specific types of intelligence found to enhance lead information, add new leads, increase connect rates, and fuel a more engaged conversation
  • Case study about how one LeadGnome customer improved lead quality by 80%
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If you’re new to reply email mining, check out this presentation to learn more or book a discovery call with me.

If you’re new to the #FlipMyFunnel community, or an avid member and want to do more, get in touch with Sangram to learn more about local #FlipMyFunnel Circles, like the one in Boston that I presented to earlier this month. These Circles are made up of super-engaged local sales and marketing professionals that follow #FlipMyFunnel principles and meet on a regular basis to learn from one another.


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