Go Green – Recycle Reply Emails Into Revenue

September 27, 2016 7:55:23 AM | By Matt Benati

If your company is looking for more ways to “go green,” you’ve likely looked into the basic office recycling programs. You might make a few bucks recycling cans, and you’ll definitely feel better about your carbon footprint when mountains of paper gets diverted from the landfill to the recycling center.

But what if there was another recycling initiative that not only kept valuable material out of the trash, it also put thousands in “green” (money, that is!) directly into your bank account?

We’re not talking about finding a vein of gold under your parking lot, though this raw material could be seen as just as valuable by your sales team. We’re talking about what’s sitting right in your inbox: marketing campaign reply emails that are likely being ignored — or worse, deleted. Buried in those reply emails are valuable gems of Account Based Intelligence (ABI) that can be used to identify new contacts, enhance existing leads, and uncover golden sales opportunities that could increase your revenue by tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Stop throwing valuable information in the garbage – learn how to go green and recycle your emails to turn trash into treasure!

LeadGnome Is Your Partner In Recycling Reply Emails

While your local recycling company picks up your cans and paper, LeadGnome works virtually to recycle your reply emails for Account Based Intelligence. Using a simple forwarding rule, LeadGnome runs quietly in the background to analyze thousands of campaign reply emails in a matter of minutes.

Using smart lead-to-account matching technology, LeadGnome integrates with popular Marketing Automation and CRM systems, like Marketo, to automatically update your database with new and enhanced information. LeadGnome even schedules a follow-up call based on the dates in an Out of Office auto reply.

With LeadGnome, you can mine every last ounce of Account Based Intelligence “gold” out of campaign reply emails otherwise destined for the trash. Stop throwing away valuable information – download our PDF and learn how to Go Green and turn your email trash into treasure!

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