How To Create HubSpot Campaigns That Excite Your Sales Team

March 15, 2020 6:30:48 AM | By Matt Benati

HubSpot campaigns let marketers create, manage and track highly-effective inbound strategies by driving web traffic through landing pages, blog posts, social messages and emails that contain calls to action (CTA). This continual flow of content and traffic results in a large quantity of contacts – something marketing loves!

Sales on the other hand, is interested in quality over quantity when it comes to leads. They want to expand reach within best-fit accounts, nurture leads through the buying process and ultimately close deals. While the Top of Funnel content and frictionless forms used in many inbound campaigns generate a lot of email addresses, these fresh prospects are often missing the valuable information sales teams need to begin building relationships.

There’s no doubt, inbound campaigns excel at driving prospects to your website and email lists. The key is what you do next with those prospects — how you convert them into leads and nurture those leads through your buying process.

That’s where LeadGnome’s integration with HubSpot comes in.

With LeadGnome, you can take all of those Top of Funnel email addresses and make them relevant to sales by using them to identify sales trigger events, append and cleanse your database, and add net new contacts relevant to your target accounts.

Attract Leads With A HubSpot Campaign

First, launch your inbound campaign as usual. Create a compelling landing page with relevant information to your prospects and a strong CTA. Add a form to the page that’s simple and frictionless; for example, an email address in exchange for a weekly newsletter.

Now you’ve accumulated a list of people interested in your business, but you are missing pertinent information about them, such as name, phone number, company, title, and their role in the buying process. Without this information, you can’t properly segment your lists and send the personalized messaging that helps increase sales velocity (moving leads through your funnel more quickly and efficiently).

That’s ok – this information is easier to get than you might think. Just send out your newsletter!

And that’s where LeadGnome comes in.

How LeadGnome Works

LeadGnome takes two minutes to set up utilizing a simple email forwarding rule. It runs seamlessly in the background, and requires no changes to your HubSpot marketing campaigns or CRM.

As reply emails come back from your marketing campaigns, LeadGnome automatically mines the unstructured body of the emails for data like the pertinent information mentioned above.

Gather Relevant Account Based Intelligence Your Sales Team Can Use

LeadGnome fills in the blanks, identifying missing contact information and updating inaccurate records. It also uncovers contextual intelligence from auto-responders like Out of Office, Left the Company, and Change of Title or Email.

From common reply emails, you can discover a wealth of information:

Sales Trigger Events – Find out a contact left the company or received a promotion 3-6 months before your competitors. This is actionable information that your sales team can put to work immediately, and according to Craig Elias, CEO at SHiFT Selling, first in wins the sale 74% of the time.

Net New Contacts – Generate new referral contacts from reply emails to improve coverage and expand your reach within target accounts. By sending just two email campaigns per month, LeadGnome clients can increase their database by 36% annually. In addition clients like Host Analytics discovered the power of generating new contacts directly from target accounts — lead quality improve by more than 80% after implementing LeadGnome (download the full case study here).

Append & Cleanse Existing Leads – Update existing contact information to eliminate database decay. According to Zoominfo, an astounding 94% of businesses suspect that their customer and prospect data is inaccurate, and yet only 30% of them have any strategy in place to fix bad records. LeadGnome appends and cleanses existing leads with every email campaign you execute.

LeadGnome + HubSpot = A Powerful Sales Tool

LeadGnome integrates with HubSpot’s marketing and sales platforms, turning every one of your email campaigns into a source of valuable account based intelligence that your sales team can actually use.

“HubSpot’s inbound campaigns are unparalleled when it comes to driving traffic and netting new prospects. But then comes the challenging part of moving them through your sales funnel and identifying the leads that will eventually turn into customers. LeadGnome’s integration with HubSpot provides tremendous value by automating the tedious process of analyzing reply emails. What starts as a list of email addresses becomes a robust database of actionable intelligence. And that’s every sales teams’ dream,” said Kim Walsh, Global Director, HubSpot for Startups.

Pairing LeadGnome with HubSpot allows marketing teams to generate more relevant leads from their already-successful HubSpot inbound campaigns. And sales teams appreciate that these leads are within their target accounts, improving reach and identifying sales trigger events that provide a competitive advantage.

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