How To Grow Revenue With Account Based Intelligence And Marketo Programs

July 18, 2016 12:26:16 PM | By Matt Benati

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you no doubt understand that LeadGnome provides B2B marketing and sales teams with valuable information about leads and accounts. Today we’re going one step further to show you how that data can be used to drive revenue for businesses who utilize the marketing automation platform, Marketo.

Marketo users are as unique as the companies they work for, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re passionate about creating automated workflow programs. This is why LeadGnome lends itself perfectly to integrating with Marketo programs – because we focus on an extremely important piece of the lead generation puzzle: Account Based Intelligence (psst… get a free eBook here and learn how Account Based Intelligence is the essential ingredient for Account Based Marketing success).

Where do we get it? From your very own email marketing campaigns! LeadGnome mines email replies for bits of account information that sales teams can use to boost their account reach, personalize messages and identify trigger event opportunities. In fact, with just two campaigns per month, LeadGnome can add 36% new leads to a company’s database. The challenge with this often overlooked data source is that it’s incredibly tedious and time-consuming to process and extract the information because it’s buried in the unstructured body of the email.

LeadGnome is an automated solution that mines those replies for you within a matter of minutes. Imagine a world where you could squeeze every ounce of data from your email campaign replies – what would you be able to do with that info?

Marketo Users Would Use It To Create Programs!

LeadGnome provides the Account Based Intelligence (ABI). Marketo provides the platform to build business logic. Because the two are integrated, Marketo users can leverage the mined ABI to trigger automated workflows for a variety of scenarios. While each program will accomplish a different goal, the basic chain of events will look something like this:

  1. Your marketing department executes an email campaign
  2. Email replies come back to the marketing mailbox
  3. LeadGnome works in the background to mine ABI from each email and send it to Marketo
  4. A specific reply or type of data triggers a custom Marketo program
  5. The Marketo Program works its magic, saving you time and resources, enhancing your database, and enabling your team to grow revenue

Now let’s look at three ways Marketo users can leverage LeadGnome’s Account Based Intelligence to create effective workflows and gain the edge on their competition.

Out Of Office (OOO) Email

With an Out Of Office (OOO) email, you can create a Marketo program that automatically schedules a task for the lead owner to follow-up the day (or soon after) the lead returns. This turns what would normally be considered junk mail into valuable intelligence that sales can act on immediately. Once sales sees that the task is scheduled, they can work with marketing to plan their highly-personalized follow-up messaging using details contained in the Out Of Office reply email.

Left The Company (LTC) Email

A Left The Company (LTC) email is a trigger event, and it’s an important one. Using LeadGnome to automatically mine your campaign replies means you could potentially find out a lead is gone weeks or even months before your competitors — giving you a huge timing advantage. In fact, seizing the opportunity to reach out to contacts in new positions before anyone else means you’ll win the deal 74% of the time.

This important email can trigger a Marketo program automatically updating your customer relationship management (CRM) system and alerting your sales team using email, text message, or other methods of communication. The updates enable your sales team to: (1) eliminate calls to the old primary contact; (2) begin building a relationship with the person’s replacement – your new primary contact; and (3) determine where the person went and engage them in their new position.

Title Changes

Similar to LTC, title changes are important because they indicate change within one of your key accounts. Your ‘user’ may have gotten a promotion and become a ‘purchaser’ – something your sales team would definitely like to know about ASAP! The information gathered from LeadGnome would flow right into Marketo and trigger a workflow, updating the CRM and alerting the appropriate salesperson.

That’s All Great For Sales, But How Does Marketing Benefit?

We’re glad you asked. Creating these custom programs and triggering these workflows doesn’t just benefit the sales team – marketing wins, too! Here’s how marketing can use LeadGnome’s ABI in conjunction with Marketo’s custom programs:

  • The most significant benefit is that having these automatic alerts in place gives marketing more power to personalize messaging and align with sales to create targeted campaigns.
  • When an Out of Office reply comes back, if there is a replacement or backup person listed as an alternate contact, marketing can begin building a relationship with this person. For example, add a personalized introduction to the original campaign and send it to this new contact.
  • Because follow-up tasks are created automatically by Marketo, sales and marketing are better aligned and more productive.
  • Having gathered additional demographic and firmagraphic information from the reply email marketing can more accurately segment the customer lists. Armed with this enhanced information, marketing can more effectively nurture leads through the sales process, whether they’re users, buyers or company leaders.
  • A common complaint from sales is that marketing doesn’t provide valuable intelligence on key accounts. By mining email replies, you’re guaranteed to get Account Based Intelligence and expand your reach into key accounts.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The bottom line is that you are already sitting on a veritable goldmine of information about your key accounts and leads – you just have to put it to work for you! By harnessing the power of LeadGnome to automatically mine your campaign email replies for valuable Account Based Intelligence, you can expand your reach into accounts, fuel pipeline growth, and ultimately close more deals.

Think of LeadGnome like a car’s turbocharger that converts exhaust into horsepower. LeadGnome converts reply emails into Account Based Intelligence that boosts B2B growth.

When you send that horsepower into powerful Marketo programs … well, let’s just say that the possibilities are endless!

Best of all, LeadGnome doesn’t add any friction to the process. It simply works in the background analyzing information you’re clients are already sending. There is no new system to learn, and the built-in integration with Marketo makes the entire process completely seamless. Try LeadGnome for FREE and see for yourself (no credit card required).

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