How To Make Summer Vacation Great For Business

June 20, 2017 5:24:16 AM | By Matt Benati

Disclaimer: We’re not talking about telling your employees to go “recharge;” although, taking a break from work does have some pretty great health benefits. So maybe you should!

What we’re talking about is taking advantage of this downtime to refresh and beef up your database by continuing your typical email cadence. Yes, you heard that right. Sending emails in the summer is a fantastic way to increase your reply rate, and increased replies equal greater intelligence about your accounts and leads. This way, when your sales team is back from luxuriating on their own summer vacations, they’ll be ahead of the game versus trying to play catch up.

Here’s how to make it work for you.

Summer Is For More Than Just Vacations

First, let’s talk about what happens over the summer.

A ton of your leads are going to be at Disney World with their kids. Or on a cruise with their spouse, or a camping trip with the guys, or a winery tour with the girls (you get the idea).

But summer is for more than just vacations. It’s also the most popular time to move, with around 70% of all moves taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The most common reason for summer moves is to not disrupt the school year for families with children. Likewise, college students want to be near or on-campus before the fall semester starts (take note if you’ve got accounts with Millennials).

With moves come job changes. And although summer is not historically known as the best time to start a job search, people who plan a move in the summer likely planned a career switch long ahead of time as well.

Leverage Summer Activities By Sending More Emails

Maintaining your email marketing game even when you know people are out of the office, moving, and changing jobs is a smart strategy for expanding your reach within target accounts, freshening your database, and gaining actionable intelligence about leads.

Let’s take a look at what you can learn from the typical reply emails resulting from summertime marketing campaigns.

Out Of Office (OOO) Replies

Likely the most common reply email you’ll get over the summer, the unassuming OOO reply is actually chock full of Account Based Intelligence (ABI).

From this reply, you learn:

  • When your lead is back in the office – Resend your email or schedule a personal outreach.
  • Lead’s cell phone number – Update your CRM record with additional contact information.
  • Two net referral contacts (Sally and Bruce) – Schedule an introductory message and encourage the new contacts to opt in to your marketing.
  • Lead’s title (if you didn’t already have it) – Move to appropriate list to send targeted messaging based on persona.

Out Of Office replies are great for mapping target accounts and expanding your reach to get to the seven leads needed to close most B2B sales (Gartner Group ). By mining OOO replies for net referral contacts in the summer, you may see increased sales velocity during what’s normally a slow time of year!

Left The Company (LTC) Replies

When a lead changes jobs and leaves the company, an auto-response is usually put in place for 6-9 months alerting senders of this change. Monitoring your reply emails over the summer means you’ll learn about this change well before a hard bounce is generated — which could be months before your competitors.

Why do you care about a lead leaving the company? Because it’s a valuable sales trigger event that, with a little investigative work, your sales team can leverage to create as many as four new sales opportunities.

From this reply, you learn:

  • Your lead is no longer with the company – Update your database and lists accordingly.
  • Your lead is at a new company – Do some digging to find out details and reach out to congratulate them, solidifying your relationship.
  • Your replacement lead and contact information – Add a record to your database.
  • Effective date – Have your sales team reach out to the new lead as soon as possible.

Leveraging a LTC reply months before your competition gives your sales team a huge timing advantage when you consider that new employees typically want to make an impression on their new company and as such, they are 10 times more likely to bring in new products or services. According to Craig Elias, founder of, the first company in wins the sale 74% of the time.

Learn How To Put Email Mining To Work For You This Summer

Want to learn more about the types of reply emails and how to leverage them? Download our free Transformative B2B Demand Generation ebook today for an in-depth look at the 6 common types of reply emails, Account Based Intelligence you can learn from each, and specifically how you can put the data to work to:

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The easiest way to reap the benefits of reply email mining is with a scalable solution allowing you to quickly and effectively analyze hundreds, or even thousands, of reply emails. For anyone who has tried to do this process manually, you know how time-consuming and error-prone it can be.

LeadGnome is a reply email management service that runs seamlessly in the background to automatically mine reply emails for ABI. With just a two-minute setup and zero changes to your CRM, MA or current email marketing campaigns, you can be mining emails that produce more sales-ready leads just in time for summer vacation!

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