How to Skyrocket Your Sales in 2018 By Using Modern Technology

March 13, 2018 12:13:33 PM | By Matt Benati

How to Skyrocket Your Sales in 2018 By Using Modern Technology

Today’s post is from guest author, Ina Simeonova, Digital Marketing Specialist at SalesWings

Regardless of the type of industry and business you’re in, you’re constantly looking for new ways to boost your sales and improve your ability to reach customers. Right?

Thanks to modern technology, you’re able to do this in a variety of new ways, many of which customers have come to expect. From more efficiently qualifying your leads to learning more about your customers and what they’re really looking for, the right sales technology can transform the way you interact with your customers and help your sales skyrocket.

Did you know that only around 22% of businesses are currently satisfied with their conversion rates? With the right sales technology, however, yours can become one of them.

So, let’s start!

1) First, you need to qualify those leads you’ve generated!

Today the modern salesperson’s job is harder than ever. With 81% of customers doing their research online long before they make the first contact with the team selling the products, the sales process has changed considerably.

Now, identifying customers who are “just browsing” instead of customers who are genuinely interested in a product is a process that takes place online. You also need to consider that in many of those cases, these potential customers are checking out competitors at the exact same time. Which means that being able to spot the perfect timing to reach out to a prospect has become an absolutely crucial factor.

Sales technology helps take the pressure off of the salesperson as the decision-maker and provides them with better information about the quality of the potential conversions coming their way. Intelligent website tracking solutions, for example, are able to track the website engagement of the leads on your website. They’re able to analyze buying behaviors, evaluate the purchase making intent and interest of the leads based on the actions which they have taken on your website. By tracking leads behaviour you’re able to evaluate the interest of people in order to more effective determine how likely they are to convert. Website tracking typically takes into consideration the following factors:

  • What pages on the website do genuinely interested leads visit? Which pages are most likely to lead to successful conversions? Would you say that a person visiting your pricing page multiple times is more interested than someone who clicked on your homepage once? (You don’t need to answer this one!)
  • Which customers are willing to supply email information in order to access other parts of the website?
  • Do your leads need immediate attention? Has the lead visited various pages of your website numerous times in the last couple of days? It might make sense to reach out to this person while the window of opportunity is still wide open and make sure your competitors don’t win a customer just because you didn’t react on time.

22% of salespeople find that qualifying leads is one of the most difficult parts of the sales process. Website tracking is one way to gather data about your leads. Another good idea is to opt for a lead intelligence solutions which will provide you with social insights about your leads. Having  enough information about the job position of the lead, the size and location of the company they are part of, can really help you determine if they match your target customer persona. Luckily, modern sales technology can take both of these processes out of your hands and make it easier than ever to qualify those important leads.

2) Now you need to prioritize your best leads for your sales team!

When your salespeople shuffle through the stack of leads in their dashboards, how do they discern which leads need their attention now and which ones need some more time and further nurturing?

Do they sometimes ignore raw leads who are ready to buy as soon as possible in favor of less-critical needs that they’ve been nurturing long-term? Do they at times fail at following up on everyone in their long list?

Modern sales technology is able to transform lead prioritization as well. Predictive lead scoring solutions will automatically rank the highest percentage of interested leads, allowing salespeople to actively see which ones are most likely to result in successful conversions. This allows salespeople to focus on the most important leads, rather than accidentally losing track of them in the shuffle. Not to mention it prevents from losing time on leads that simply are not yet sales-ready.

Imagine being able to tell at a glance where your customers are in the sales funnel. Are they ready for a contact from your sales reps, or are they still at that important consideration stage where they simply need more information and nurturing from your marketing team?

A predictive lead scoring solution will track and prioritize your best sales opportunities for your convenience. Ensuring that your sales team is able to keep an eye on how leads are interacting with your website and direct sales reps straight to the leads that need their attention the most.

3) Chop-Chop! Follow-Up!

Another thing that many sales people struggle with during the sales process is the follow-up. How often should you connect with interested candidates? When is the right time to send that email or make a phone call to reconnect with a customer?

If too much time goes by, they may choose a competitor instead. On the other hand, the majority of buyers already think salespeople are pushy, and the last thing you want is to be considered as pushy and always disturbing them. Modern sales technology helps take the frustration out of that decision-making process, identifying when it’s time to follow up with interested leads based on triggering behaviors like certain pages visited or certain queries sent through the website. With the right sales stack, you can make sure that your sales team receives automatic emails and issue reminders to the sales team so that they never again miss out on following up with a qualified lead.

For example, automated reply email mining provides the critical element of timing. When you receive an Out-Of-Office auto-response, you’ll know when that person is scheduled to return. Automatically set a reminder to reach out to that contact when they return and your connect rates will increase.

Modern technology is transforming the way salespeople do business, connecting with customers in new ways every day. By taking advantage of that modern technology, you can watch your sales skyrocket and transform the way you interact with your customers.  Sales people have more opportunities to streamline their days than ever and it’s time to take full advantage of it and take your deal closing rates to the next level!

Ina Simeonova SW

About the author: Ina Simeonova is Digital Marketing Specialist at SalesWings – lead scoring and website tracking add-on which upgrades traditional email marketing software with predictive lead scoring, lead website tracking capabilities and intelligent real-time contact data enrichment.

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