3 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Database Marketing

May 15, 2018 6:36:37 AM | By Matt Benati

3 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Database Marketing

While the term covers a broad range of marketing initiatives, at its heart, any form of database marketing is only as good as the health of your… well, data! Whether you’re sending emails or mailing postcards, inaccurate data can tank your database marketing efforts. Good data, on the other hand, gives you the foundation needed to improve the accuracy of your marketing and ultimately help drive more sales.

Today I’m going to focus on email marketing, how accurate data equates to better database marketing, and how reply email mining increases database health.

Bad Data Is A Big Problem

According to ZoomInfo, inaccurate data costs US businesses more than $611 billion annually, and causes 40% of all business initiatives to fail. As many as 94% of businesses suspect their customer and prospect data is inaccurate, and IT departments spend an average of 50% of their budgets on data rehabilitation.

IT departments spend an average of 50% of their budgets on data rehab. -- @Zoominfo #ReplyEmailMining Click To Tweet

That’s a lot of wasted time, money and resources being spent to correct bad data. But the real problem is that your database creates the foundation for ALL of your communication with prospects and customers. Today, tomorrow, and five years from now, your database marketing will only ever be as good as the accuracy of your data.

Mining Email Replies Results In Better Database Marketing

Monitoring reply emails is one of the best, easiest, and cost-effective ways to continuously maintain the health of your database. The information in email replies comes directly from the freshest source possible: the best-fit accounts your team is already engaging.

Mining reply emails allows you to:

  • Enrich existing records – Add office phone numbers, cell numbers, and titles to existing records. (This is especially valuable if your organization uses inbound marketing techniques with low-friction forms.)
  • Cleanse existing records – Catch changes to phone numbers, titles, and email addresses to update existing records. (These changes can also indicate important sales trigger events your sales team can leverage!)
  • Add new contacts – More than half of Out-Of-Office replies contain alternate contacts, allowing you to quickly penetrate target accounts.
  • Capture unsubscribe requests – Avoid irate prospects and stay compliant with email spam laws by automatically capturing unsubscribes.

Here are 3 ways email mining to improves database marketing:

#1 – Email Campaigns Benefit From A Personal Touch

When you are confident that your data is accurate, you can turn your attention to other details, such as personalizing your messaging. In the same ZoomInfo study, 50% of the B2B organizations surveyed said that email campaigns that were not personalized had a less than 3% response rate, and actually cost 3.6 times more than campaigns that were.

Let that sink in. It’s more expensive to send the same generic un-targeted email to your entire database than it is to take the time to segment your lists and create personalized, strategic content.

Because B2B buying decisions are more complex than B2C, it’s necessary to engage multiple people within an organization — around seven, according to Gartner. But those seven people may have very different needs and levels of interest in your solution. A user may be interested in the daily grind, how you can make their jobs easier. A manager may prioritize employee productivity and efficiency. And a buyer, perhaps the final decision maker at the C-suite level, may care most about the impact to the company’s bottom line.

It makes sense then, that your messaging should speak to each group’s pain points. It should help solve their problem rather than sell your product.

When you’re mining reply emails, you naturally have a more robust database and a deeper understanding of your leads’ roles within an account. The result is that you are able to segment your lists and create personalized content that truly engages leads.

#2 – Follow Email Spam Laws

Email spam laws exist in the United States, Canada and Europe to protect recipients from unsolicited emails. An email campaign can’t be successful if it’s breaking the laws. It will either not be delivered at all, or may result in a hefty fine.

  • GDPR in Europe – (General Data Protection Regulation) requires businesses that send to recipients in the European Union obtain consent and be able to prove it, as well as have a process for removing customers’ personal information upon request.
  • CASL in Canada –  (Canadian Anti Spam Legislation) requires businesses that send emails to Canadian recipients obtain express or implied consent, and be able to prove consent if audited.
  • CAN-SPAM in the United States – (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) requires businesses that send emails to US recipients to clearly disclose it is an advertisement or solicitation (unless they have consent), and provide an easy way for recipients to opt-out.

Email mining supports compliance by automatically capturing unsubscribe requests, specifically manual ones where the recipient did not hit the reply button and ask to be removed from your list.

#3 – Improve Email Deliverability & Sender Reputation

An accurate database doesn’t necessarily mean that your messages are actually getting delivered. Unfortunately, hitting the send button doesn’t guarantee your emails are reaching the inbox of your intended recipient. Here are a few things that could be affecting your deliverability and sender reputation:

  • Unanswered sender verification requests
  • Not optimizing send times and campaign frequency
  • Not removing unsubscribes and expired email addresses

Automated reply email mining with LeadGnome improves your deliverability and sender reputation by immediately catching unsubscribes and bounces, thus enabling these email addresses to be removed from your database. It also flags sender verification requests (SPAM traps) and moves them to a folder so that they can be completed in a timely manner.

This is why watching, monitoring, and managing your email replies is so important!

What exactly is a spam trap? It’s an auto-responder that organizations put in place requiring email senders to verify they are human and not a bot. Verification is often as simple as clicking a link and completing a CAPTCHA. That’s not the hard part — catching the request and taking the time to manually fulfill the requirements is. And until you do, your email message will remain quarantined (and undelivered).

Don’t be fooled, your email platform will show that your message was delivered. That’s because they typically measure when a message is accepted by the receiving organization’s server. They don’t differentiate between sitting in ‘email jail’ waiting for verification and actually sitting in your recipient’s inbox. To them, if it’s in the building, it’s delivered! Even worse, if you miss one of these auto-responses and don’t verify, your email domain may be blacklisted. Basically, the spam filter degrades the email reputation of your email domain, impacting all future emails from your organization.

Better Database = Better Database Marketing

Mining reply emails to enrich and cleanse your database on a continuous basis allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your prospects, which provides the ability to segment your lists and create personalized content that delivers real results.

I’ll wrap this up with a couple more stats from that ZoomInfo study because I think it really drives home the value of database health. Of the B2Bs surveyed, 66% of organizations with clean data reported boosted revenue, and it was found that conversion rates were roughly 25% higher between the inquiry and the marketing qualified lead stages.

66% of organizations with clean data reported boosted revenue. -- @Zoominfo #ReplyEmailMining Click To Tweet

Clean data just makes good business sense, and is the key to improving your database marketing strategy. Want to see firsthand how LeadGnome’s reply email mining capabilities create an accurate database full of leads your sales team loves? Sign up for our free demo below!

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