Increase Your ROI By Mining Campaign Reply Emails

September 19, 2016 9:01:56 AM | By Matt Benati

By now you know the benefits of mining your marketing campaign reply emails to gain valuable account-based intelligence (ABI) about target accounts. But for many businesses, especially enterprise companies that send tens of thousands emails each month, the likelihood of all those replies being analyzed is slim. Limited resources, high costs of manually reviewing, or the task is simply low on the priority list… any of these excuses sound familiar?

LeadGnome overcomes these roadblocks by providing an automated solution that scales to meet the needs of even the largest enterprise businesses, mining thousands of campaign reply emails in a matter of minutes, eliminating human error, and improving your bottom line.

“I’m very impressed with the account-based intelligence uncovered by the LeadGnome web service. With just a single campaign, we identified 83 trigger events for our sales team to follow up on. That same campaign generated hundreds of new contacts within our targeted accounts. It’s amazing how something as simple as a reply email can provide so much valuable intel,” said Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & CMO of Terminus, and author of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies.

And most clients see a return on their investment in less than one month. By using LeadGnome to mine campaign reply emails, over the course of a year, your company could realize an ROI many thousands of times over.

Can you afford to leave that much money on the table?

Mine Campaign Reply Emails to Generate New Contacts

There is a wealth of information buried in the unstructured body of “Out Of Office”, “Left The Company”, and other replies to your email campaigns, but you have to know where to look and know how to connect the dots to make it relevant.

Analyzing these replies results in measurable new and enhanced contacts that you can use to calculate your potential ROI.

Net New Contacts – By sending just two campaigns per month, you can add 36% or more net new referral contacts to your customer database. For example, when our client Terminus recently sent an email campaign to their database of 43,000 contacts, LeadGnome was able to analyze 97.9% of the reply emails and mine 651 (or 77.9%) new contacts. New contacts = more revenue.

Continually Append & Cleanse Database – In addition to new contacts, your campaign email replies can maintain your database by identifying enhanced information about your leads such as phone number or title. Companies that continually append and cleanse their database and therefore have “clean” data, report a 66% increase in revenue, and 25% higher conversions between the inquiry and qualified leads stages.

The Revenue-Driven ROI Of Using LeadGnome

Using the input and assumptions from actual LeadGnome customers, we can see the ROI of using an automated solution to mine campaign reply emails.

For a company that has 30,000 leads in their database and that sends 60,000 emails per month with an average sales price of $5,000 and a modest 1% conversion rate, LeadGnome can add 10,800 new contacts to their database and $540,000 in revenue annually.

When you factor in the $1,000 per month LeadGnome subscription, the resulting return on investment is 4,400%.

Cost-Based ROI

In order to calculate your cost-based ROI, you’ll need to know how much time your employee(s) spend analyzing replies. This assumption uses a full-time marketing analyst making $45,000 per year and analyzing 960 replies per month. By switching to LeadGnome, this company could realize a 275% ROI.

The challenge with this scenario is two-fold: what if you have more than 960 replies per month? And can a human realistically do this job day in and day out efficiently and without error? So the real ROI is actually much higher in this scenario because with an automated solution you are able to mine more replies in less time, eliminate human error, and realize the additional benefit of reassigning that marketing analyst to more productive work.

Additional Benefits Of Mining Campaign Reply Emails

While not as clear cut and calculable as the ROI from net new contacts, mining campaign reply emails has additional benefits that can positively impact your bottom line, including:

Trigger Events – Major changes within your account, such as when your user gets promoted and becomes a buyer or a key decision maker leaves the company, are called trigger events. These represent a significant sales opportunity, and when you learn about the change as a result of an email campaign, you could have as much as a 3-6 month timing advantage over competitors. First in = you win the deal 74% of time.

Increased Renewals – For subscription-based companies that depend on renewals, campaign reply emails can keep your contacts up to date and alert you to changes within a department before it’s time to begin renewal discussions. Talking to the right person = higher renewal rates.

Increased Connect Rates – For subscription-based companiesthat depend on renewals, campaign reply emails can keep your contacts up to date and alert you to changes within a department before it’s time to begin renewal discussions. Talking to the right person = higher renewal rates.

Using An Automated Solution To Mine Campaign Reply Emails

Manually mining thousands of campaign reply emails is tedious and could take several minutes per email by the time you’ve associated the information with the correct account in your CRM.

LeadGnome is an automated solution that scales to meet the needs of any size business. It takes two minutes to set up and there is no new platform to learn and nothing to change in your existing email marketing automation system. You realize all the benefits of mining campaign reply emails, growing your database and increasing your revenue, without additional human resources.

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