LeadGnome Case Study: Bridgeway Increases Sales Productivity and Database Health

January 8, 2019 6:12:03 AM | By Matt Benati

LeadGnome Case Study Bridgeway Security

When we talk about mining emails, we often think about the influx of replies to marketing’s email campaigns. But for Bridgeway Security Solutions, whose culture focuses on building deep relationships between sales and prospects, their challenge was with the the large number of ultra personalized 1-1 emails sent directly from sales reps. This meant that each sales person was also responsible for monitoring and managing their own reply emails. And when you’re sending to prospects from your direct email address, things can get pretty messy.

But as we know, dealing with replies is hard – let’s face it, even deleting the bounces is painful! It’s time-consuming, error-prone, and cleaning up lots of auto-responses detracts from a sales rep’s ability to find and respond to time-sensitive personal replies. Bridgeway also recognized that email auto-responses (like Left-The-Company and Out-Of-Office) contained valuable sales intelligence that could be used to enrich and cleanse their database. They needed an automated solution that would integrate seamlessly with their HubSpot CRM and improve their sales team’s efficiency and productivity.

LeadGnome was the solution. Download the case study below to see how Bridgeway eliminated over 300 bad contacts and improved email deliverability to 97% in just the first year using our email mining service.

Download Case Study

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