LeadGnome Case Study: Tigera Uses Reply Emails To Source Millions In Pipeline & Achieve An Unbelievably Low CPL

May 31, 2019 9:56:36 PM | By Matt Benati

LeadGnome Case Study Grow Pipeline

Recently, one of our customers, Tigera, conducted an independent analysis revealing that LeadGnome-sourced leads were superior to all other lead sources. These LeadGnome leads from reply emails were best-fit leads — precisely the right people, at the right accounts that Tigera needed to be in front of.

Naturally, we wanted to hear all about it.

It turns out, adding these best-fit leads to their ever-growing database was just the tip of the iceberg. Within these LeadGnome-sourced leads were multiple opportunities that sourced and influenced $14.75M in qualified pipeline. These were high-quality leads that the company would have gladly paid top dollar for… but they didn’t have to. With a CPL of less than $2.50, the LeadGnome leads were 25x cheaper than any of their other lead generation programs.

Download the case study below to learn how Tigera achieved these incredible results, in less than a year, with LeadGnome.

Download Case Study


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