LeadGnome Named Top Sales Tool 2017 By Smart Selling Tools

May 9, 2017 7:48:41 AM | By Matt Benati

LeadGnome has been awarded the designation of ‘Top Sales Tool of 2017’ based on our capabilities to discover sales trigger events, generate new contacts, and append and cleanse existing leads.

For the third year in a row, we’re honored that LeadGnome has been named a Top Sales Tool of by Smart Selling Tools!

With hundreds of sales tools to choose from, filtering through all of them to find the right technology for your company can be difficult. This is why Smart Selling Tools created their annual Top Sales Tools Guide — to help organizations find the best technology to support their sales process and goals.

Why LeadGnome Continues To Make The Cut

As sales and marketing teams redefine their strategies for the modern day, several patterns are emerging. We’re seeing an alignment of sales and marketing like never before. Their siloed roles are dissolving and they’re aligning to work as one team, toward a singular goal: growing revenue.

Another undeniable trend is the use of automation; it impacts almost every aspect of marketing today — from database management, to email campaigns, and workflows. LeadGnome paves the last mile of automation by capturing sales intelligence from a previously overlooked source of fresh data: reply emails.

From the thousands of emails an organization sends, LeadGnome mines the reply emails received for valuable Account Based Intelligence (ABI) like additional contact information for your lead, net new leads within your target account, notification of sales trigger events like mergers and acquisitions, and more. The intelligence uncovered is then automatically applied to your database and workflows.

Even more importantly, the ABI uncovered gives your sales teams a significant timing advantage over competitors, allowing them to beat the competition to a new opportunity. Typical sales intelligence includes getting a phone number faster, being the first to find out about a trigger event like M&A activity or a lead leaving, and ultimately ensuring sales is working with the absolute freshest data possible.

“Salespeople have always known that email replies contain valuable information, but manually grabbing the data and entering it into CRM – well, that’s just not going to happen,” commented Nancy Nardin, President of Smart Selling Tools. “Now LeadGnome does it for them through automation. Sales people can find new buyers, notice changes in the organization, and gather hard to get contact data automatically. It helps them grow their pipeline and can even help close deals faster.”

And if that isn’t enough, LeadGnome’s ease-of-use and rapid adoption makes it a slam dunk choice for an organization’s martech stack. Setup takes under two minutes, requires no changes to your existing email processes, and there is no new system to learn. With LeadGnome’s seamless integration with HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce and other popular CRM and marketing automation platforms, results synchronize automatically and native workflows execute appropriate business processes to increase insight and sales velocity.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Nancy and her team must be onto something, because in the past year LeadGnome saw a five-fold increase in annual recurring revenue (ARR) from 2015 to 2016.

The market has spoken! And it’s saying that LeadGnome’s solution is viable, valuable, and a must-have for sales teams looking to propel their efforts and drive more revenue. Starting today.

If you’re a B2B marketer, LeadGnome takes your email campaigns and transforms them into revenue-dricing sales tools. To get started, download our free eBook: Transformative B2B Demand Generation for tips you can implement immediately.

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