LeadGnome Partner Spotlight: RevEngine Marketing

January 31, 2017 1:18:52 PM | By Matt Benati

As LeadGnome continues to grow and secure our position in the martech space, we’ve found that our lead generation solution is attractive to marketing agencies as well as individual companies. We happily partner with these agencies to offer LeadGnome’s Account Based Intelligence (ABI) to their clients. Today I’d like to put the spotlight on one such partner, RevEngine Marketing.

About RevEngine Marketing’s CEO – Jeff Coveney

Jeff Coveney is an accomplished marketing expert with more than 20 years success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology organizations. In his previous role, Coveney redefined the demand generation process with the implementation of a state-of-the-art marketing automation system leveraging Marketo, helping the organization earn a 2013 Marketo Exceptional Product Usage nomination. Marketo also honored Coveney as one of the world’s top 50 Marketo professionals by naming him to the Marketo Champion Elite classes for five straight years (2012-2016). In 2013, Coveney founded RevEngine Marketing with the goal of putting his marketing automation expertise to work for his own clients.

About RevEngine Marketing – Fueling Leads In Revenue

There is no “easy” button for driving leads from marketing to sales to revenue. Prospects get lost in the process, leads go stale, sales spends time on bad leads and not enough time on good leads—the end result is an inefficient funnel where revenue opportunities are lost. RevEngine Marketing helps clients optimize demand generation and sales efforts by bringing together best practice marketing and cutting edge technology to create an optimized demand funnel that grows revenue.

In addition to Coveney, the RevEngine Marketing team is full of Marketo Champions and Marketo Certified Experts, making them exceedingly qualified to offer marketing automation strategy, implementation, consulting and operational services.

Marketing Automation & Email Go Hand-In-Hand

Marketo is a robust all-in-one marketing automation platform with built-in email marketing capabilities. While there are a host of other Marketo features that RevEngine Marketing helps clients unlock, email is where LeadGnome and RevEngine Marketing merge to offer unique programs to clients to harness the power of email mining.

Through our strategic partnership, RevEngine Marketing offers email mining integration with its clients’ current Marketo programs. When LeadGnome is running in the background and an email marketing campaign is sent out, the reply emails that come back are automatically mined for Account Based Intelligence (ABI). RevEngine Marketing clients suddenly have a wealth of data about their leads — like when they’re in and out of the office, phone numbers, titles, and even referral contacts within targeted accounts.

“That’s awesome,” clients may say. “But what do we actually DO with that data?” And this, my friends, is where the RevEngine Marketing team really shines.

RevEngine Marketing Creates Custom Marketo Programs To Leverage LeadGnome’s ABI

For some LeadGnome users, the extracted ABI is automatically transferred to their Salesforce CRM or downloaded to a .CSV file for review. Marketo users take it to another level. In Marketo, the intelligence that LeadGnome uncovers can actually trigger automated workflows to schedule tasks, send emails, and otherwise take action.

Let’s look at a couple examples:

LeadGnome mines a standard Out Of Office reply email.

Custom Marketo programs can be set up to:

  • Schedule a follow-up for the SDR for when the lead returns.
  • Automatically resend the marketing email on the day of return.
  • Identify any additional contact information or referral contacts and alert the SDR.

LeadGnome mines a standard Left The Company reply email.

Custom Marketo programs can be set up to:

  • Automatically flag the record for deletion.
  • Identify replacement contact and alert the SDR.
  • Schedule a follow-up for the SDR with the new lead.
  • Automatically resend the marketing email to the replacement contact.

Pretty amazing, right? Imagine how much time and resources your sales and marketing teams save by automating these tasks. It also eliminates human error and ensures opportunities don’t slip through the cracks because someone forgot to schedule a follow-up task or manually resend an email.

But here’s the catch that RevEngine Marketing’s clients have learned: automation isn’t automatic. Marketo is an incredible solution, but it is not without a learning curve. When you get into setting up custom programs and multi-step workflows, things can get a little hairy. REM’s Marketo experts listen to the needs of these business processes to design the correct program that truly aligns automation and business. Their programs withstand the test of time and continue working for clients, unlike DIY programs where design flaws tend to be revealed at the most inconvenient times.

This is precisely why RevEngine Marketing’s Marketo services have proven themselves worth their weight in gold to clients time and again. And precisely why I have sincere respect for the work they do for their clients. I appreciate that through our partnership more organizations are getting to experience the power of email mining technology. If you’d like to get in touch to learn more about RevEngine Marketing’s Marketo consulting or other marketing services, they’d love to hear from you.

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