Manual vs. Automated Reply Email Management

June 27, 2017 7:47:08 AM | By Matt Benati

Savvy marketers have long seen the value in monitoring campaign reply emails for Account Based Intelligence (ABI). With the strategy gaining in popularity, organizations are no longer content to idly watch replies jam up their marketing inbox. The information in the replies has been proven valuable enough to warrant an investment in mining it, whether that’s an investment in personnel to manually review each email; or an investment in technology that automates the process.

I know because that was me banging my head against the wall a few years ago, desperate for a solution. I did it manually, and then I found a better way. If you’re currently looking for a reply email management solution, here’s what you need to know about your options.

First, Why Bother Mining Reply Emails?

There was a time that replies to marketing campaigns went straight to the bit bucket ( or an unmonitored inbox and got mass deleted – because who cared if a lead was out of the office? They’d see your message when they got back. A lead left the company? Oh well, nothing you can do about it.

But when you take the time to really dig into the unstructured body of those “nuisance” emails, you discover a wealth of information. Contact information that can be used to append and cleanse your database; net new leads that allow you to expand your reach within target accounts; and trigger events (changes within your accounts) that spell serious selling opportunities if you know how to leverage them!

What Happens With The Intelligence From Reply Emails?

At the most basic level, you use it to update your database. Good data is at the heart of every successful organization, while sending to a database full of rotten apples wastes precious time, money and resources, and causes as much as 40% of business objectives to fail.

Take it a step further and use the intelligence from your reply emails to expand your reach within target accounts. Organizations that mine reply emails add up to 36% more net new contacts annually. With Gartner finding that today’s B2B buying decisions require an average of 7 people, having adequate coverage within accounts is critical.

Finally, the intelligence can be used to discover unique selling opportunities while giving you a timing advantage over your competitors. For example, when identified through reply email management, a lead leaving the company can give you a 3-6 month jump on the competition so you’re the first in with the new lead. According to the creator of Trigger Event Selling and founder of SHiFT Selling, Inc., Craig Elias, you’re 5 times more likely to win the sale when you’re first in.

That’s great, “but how do I mine the data and put it to work?” you may be wondering.

The problem is, mining emails is hard work.

Manually Mining Reply Emails Is Challenging

Until recently, there was one major roadblock to mining the information from reply emails: the process itself. Depending on the size of your database and frequency of emails, you could be staring at a pile of hundreds, or even thousands, of replies. How can your team possibly get through them plus put the information to work in meaningful ways?

The problem with mining replies manually is that:

  • It’s time-consuming. For an enterprise organization that sends thousands of emails, analyzing replies could be a full-time job for multiple people.
  • It’s error-prone. Doing the same tedious job day in and day out takes its toll. Information is missed, data is misspelled or entered into the wrong CRM record, etc.
  • It’s not timely. When it comes to manual unsubscribes or uncovering a timely trigger event, action needs to be taken immediately.
  • It’s expensive. Your payroll takes a hefty hit from paying one or more full-time analysts.
  • It’s inefficient. Wouldn’t you rather allocate those analysts to more productive tasks?

Bottom line, while mining reply emails positively impacts sales and revenue, when done manually it’s cumbersome and error prone.

Automatically Mining Reply Emails For The Win

Enter LeadGnome, an AI SaaS solution that automates the process of generating account, contact, and sales intelligence from reply emails. LeadGnome is a web service that requires absolutely zero changes to the way you currently send emails. It runs seamlessly in the background to mine thousands of replies in a matter of mere minutes.

All of that glorious intelligence is suddenly at your fingertips. Now what?

Sure, you can export your LeadGnome data to a .csv file and manually update your database and alert lead owners to interesting things they should follow up on. But that’s still a lot of work.

LeadGnome’s integrations with major CRM and marketing automation platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and others, means you can sync the mined data to native workflows within the systems you already use to automate many of the downstream business processes and tasks that come after you have the data in hand.

This saves time, eliminates data entry and errors, and streamlines processes to free up your staff to focus on what matters most: driving revenue.

Increase Your ROI By Automating The Email Mining Process

One thing is certain: mining your reply emails makes smart business sense. Automating the process with a reply email management service like LeadGnome boosts performance and results exponentially.

One client, DoubleDutch, generated $30 million in pipeline in just 6 months of using LeadGnome. Another client, Host Analytics, improved lead quality by 80% after incorporating LeadGnome’s services into their ABM strategy.

In this post, we crunched the numbers using assumptions and input from real LeadGnome customers to show the ROI potential of using the service for a year. We also consider a cost-based ROI for an organization currently using personnel to manually mine replies and discuss the additional time savings benefit and the ability to reallocate those resources. In nearly every case, LeadGnome customers see a return on their investment in less than one month.

Ready to start your email mining journey or up your automation game? Our Transformative B2B Demand Generation eBook showcases six different reply emails, highlighting the intelligence uncovered in each, and showing you exactly what to do with each piece of intelligence.

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