Matt Benati Shares 3 Ways Account Based Intelligence Drives Pipeline Growth

June 29, 2016 12:42:16 PM | By Matt Benati

Listen to LeadGnome on the B2B Growth Podcast with James Carbary and Jonathan Green.

LeadGnome’s Matt Benati joins the B2B Growth podcast to discuss how Account Based Intelligence helps align sales and marketing teams and drives pipeline growth.

If we’ve met, you probably know how passionate I am about Account Based Intelligence and its ability to fuel B2B sales. That’s why I was thrilled when James Carbary and Jonathan Green asked me to be part of his B2B Growth Podcast to talk about that very topic! The interview will be posted today and I hope that you’ll take a listen. In the meantime, here’s a quick recap of our chat:

Learn The Story Behind LeadGnome

I share my marketing background at Netezza and LogMeIn, and the moment when I realized how much valuable data was literally being thrown away in email campaign replies because of the high cost (time and resources) it takes to capture the information. I knew I had to find a way to automate the process, and as you might gather, that was my inspiration for LeadGnome!

Learn How ABI Drives B2B Pipeline Growth

When I saw how much Account Based Intelligence (ABI) LeadGnome could gather from thousands of reply emails within a matter of minutes, I realized what an invaluable tool it could be for B2B growth. Specifically, ABI drives pipeline growth for sales and marketing teams. And that’s precisely what James, Jonathan and I talk about in the podcast.

  1. Lead Generation – With just two campaigns per month, LeadGnome adds an average of 36% more leads to your customer database by mining your email replies for ABI. These aren’t just any leads, but those within your key accounts – the decision makers and influencers. Additionally, ABI fills in critical information that may be missing from your existing leads — expanding your reach and increasing your ability to segment and personalize messaging.
  2. Database Cleansing – According to Zoominfo, 62% of B2B companies rely on databases that are up to 40% inaccurate. With those same two campaigns per month, however, LeadGnome can enhance and maintain 72% of your customer database by automatically identifying changes within your accounts — essentially reversing database decay.
  3. Trigger Event Selling – Account Based Intelligence identifies key trigger events within your accounts, allowing your sales team to be “first in” — beating the competition 74% of the time. How do you become first in? By using an automated solution like LeadGnome to quickly mine your email replies to identify trigger events like title and job changes. When you learn about these important trigger events before your competitors, you gain a significant timing advantage.

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