No-reply Is A Silent Revenue Killer

January 10, 2017 5:20:20 AM | By Matt Benati

Email is a digital conversation platform. It should foster two-way communication and an open exchange of ideas between people. It has greatly augmented sales calls for many businesses, and customers have embraced it due to the ability to read and reply to the conversation at their convenience. If you silence your customers you will lose revenue. **Tweet This!**

Why then, are so many marketers still using a no-reply email when sending marketing campaigns? Would you make a sales call and then remain silent after making your pitch? No way! And yet a no-reply email conveys the same attitude that an organization simply wants to make their pitch and isn’t interested in hearing what their customers have to say afterward.

Switching to a reply-to mailbox and accepting replies to your email campaigns has some major advantages. First, it opens the door to communication and makes you seem more accessible to prospects that want to talk to you. And just as importantly, it catches replies like Out Of Office and Left The Company. Replies that you may ignore or delete due to lack of resources, but that actually contain valuable data that you can use to grow your business.

The Case For Using No-Reply Emails

Marketers that use no-reply emails justify it for a variety of reasons , such as:

  • They don’t want auto-replies flooding their inboxes.
  • They don’t feel their message warrants a response
  • They don’t have time or internal resources to monitor and/or answer replies

These are all legitimate concerns, especially for marketing departments with limited resources. (Sound familiar?) Manually monitoring, analyzing and replying to hundreds or even thousands of reply emails simply isn’t practical or feasible for many organizations.

But there’s a downside to using a mailbox that doesn’t accept replies.

No-Reply Emails = Missed Opportunities

Just like making a sales call then refusing to listen to the prospect’s feedback, preventing replies to your marketing messages could result in missed opportunities that directly affect your bottom line.

At the very least, you miss nurturing opportunities by not letting interested prospects ask questions. A bit more concerning, you miss sales opportunities from leads that were ready to buy but didn’t want to jump through the hoops of reaching someone. And the worst case scenario, you lose valued customers because of your off-putting email practices. Remember engaging prospects and customers is a dialogue, a two-way conversation.

And these are only the missed opportunities. We haven’t even gotten to the tangible data that reply emails provide that can grow your business!

Reply-To Emails = Golden Opportunities

Missing opportunities to connect with leads is one thing, but let’s take it a step further and see what opportunities you can gain by actually letting those reply emails purposely flood your inbox:

Add Fresh Data – Even the seemingly-nuisance auto-responses like Out Of Office, Change Of Email, and Left The Company contain valuable Account Based Intelligence (ABI) that allow you to keep your database fresh:

  • Add new contact information like title, phone number, address, etc. to existing leads
  • Add net new contacts in the form of referral contacts from the same account
  • Remove contacts that have left the company
  • Update records with replacement and alternate contacts
  • Update records when a lead changes roles or gets promoted
  • Know when contacts are in/out of the office for targeted follow-up

And YES, all of this intelligence can be mined from reply emails!

Grow Sales Pipeline – Sales trigger events are significant changes in your accounts, like when a lead gets promoted or leaves the company. Identifying these trigger events increases your opportunities four-fold – meaning, a simple Left The Company (LTC) reply can actually represent four potential sales opportunities if you play your cards right. Additionally, when you’re mining your reply emails and learn about a LTC before a hard bounce is generated, you gain a 3-6 month timing advantage over your competitors.

Increase Sales Velocity – According to the Gartner Group , it now takes an average of 7 people within an organization to make a buying decision. By sending just two email campaigns per month and mining the replies, you can add as many as 36% net new referral contacts to your database annually. This allows you to map accounts quicker, identify key influencers and decision makers, expand your reach within that account, and increase connect rates and sales velocity.

Manage Your Reputation – Promptly responding to unsubscribe requests and other replies for information protects your brand’s reputation. You’re seen as a courteous business that respects its customers’ time and needs.

Creating A Recipe For Success

So you’re ready to ditch the no-reply in favor of a reply-to. But you’re still nervous about the volume of replies. How will you handle them all?

With your recipe for success: Reply-To Mailbox + LeadGnome + Best Practices

LeadGnome automatically mines your reply emails for ABI, requiring no changes to your existing email setup and offering countless benefits that will make you wonder what you ever did without us.

While you can have LeadGnome export its findings to a .CSV file to review and upload into your customer database, we also integrate with many popular CRM and marketing automation platforms, such as Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot. This allows you to set LeadGnome to automatically update your CRM and trigger automated workflows based on specific intelligence mined from replies – such as automatically scheduling a follow-up call for a sales rep when an Out Of Office is received.

Did you catch that? Automatically. Automated. Everything. The number of hours needed to monitor and reply to emails – much less analyze them and extract valuable data – is virtually ZERO when you use LeadGnome.

Once you’ve got these ingredients in place, all you have to do is follow some simple email best practices such as personalizing messages, following-up, and leveraging trigger events, to accelerate your pipeline and close more deals.

Sound simple? That’s because it is when you partner with LeadGnome. Check out our latest QuickStart Guide: Turn Reply Emails Into Revenue to get started mining emails for actionable sales intelligence.

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