It’s A Jungle In There: Why An Organized Inbox Is A Must For Sales Success

February 16, 2020 10:34:43 AM | By Matt Benati

Sales professionals have a lot of noise and distraction in their inboxes. It can feel like trying to hack your way through a dense, unfiltered jungle of junk on a quest for the real treasure: human replies.

While you probably already have some process in place for inbox organization, you wouldn’t be reading this post if it was perfect. Chances are, you’re spending too much time on inbox cleanup in an attempt to get close to the money, and frustrations persist. I get it.

I recently spoke to a prospect who stopped her sales team every day at 3PM for inbox cleanup. They would go through and manually review auto-responses, mine the relevant intelligence, update their CRM, and follow-up accordingly. This company devotes 25% of their day, every day, because they recognize that reply emails contain powerful data. But that’s 25% of their day they could get back by automating the process with LeadGnome.

You see, LeadGnome not only mines all of the sales intelligence from auto-responses and human replies, but it also automatically moves the auto-responses into folders for you. LeadGnome leaves your inbox junk-free so that you can focus on the important human replies, the “hand raises” from your customers and prospects.

LeadGnome is the automated solution that maintains a clean, action-oriented inbox. Once you start using it, you’ll feel like the king or queen of the jungle… er, inbox!

Survival Of The Fittest: Salesperson Vs. Inbox

So what’s in a salesperson’s mailbox? A lot of “noise”! In addition to your regular course-of-business emails, replies to your campaign emails add to the chaos. Today’s sales cadence solutions (e.g., SalesLoft, Outreach, Yesware) are great for sending personalized emails, but they also cause a lot of clutter in your inbox in the form of auto-responses (e.g., Out-Of-Office, Left-The-Company).

And of course, you know that auto-responses like this can’t be mass deleted because they contain valuable intelligence! To add another layer of frustration, there are human replies to your campaigns that require immediate attention and a fast response time (ideally within 5 minutes of receiving). But the human replies are buried in a mountain of auto-responses.

The goal is to create a clean and action-oriented inbox, but how do you create order from chaos?

How LeadGnome Cleans Up Your Inbox

LeadGnome is an automated reply email mining service. It passively monitors your inbox and analyzes replies as they come in. Replies are categorized by type, including Out-Of-Office, Left-The-Company, change of address, etc – and the auto-responses are physically moved into designated folders by type.

Stop and read that again – LeadGnome automatically cleans up your Inbox.

So now, instead of a sea of replies, every Out-Of-Office will be in one folder. Every Left-The-Company will be in another folder. Every sender verification request will be in yet another folder. You get the idea.

Clean Up Your Email Inbox Mining Email Replies, Intelligent email reply management for B2B, reply email mining

This automatic inbox cleanup clears a path through the jungle leading you straight to the critical human replies in your inbox.

Bottom line: you’ll never have to delete another auto-response again!

Save Even More Time With Integration

Once LeadGnome is integrated with your CRM or MAP, then the intelligence found in these emails (titles, mobile numbers, new and replacement contacts, etc) is automatically mined and synchronized with your database. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Create workflows to automate certain tasks and save even more time. For example, when an alternate contact is found in an Out-Of-Office reply, it automatically gets added to a list, and a welcome email is instantly sent to introduce yourself and ask the new contact to opt-in.

Imagine how much time you save, how much more productive you are, and how much closer you get to the money when you clean up the clutter and automate tedious tasks!

Increase Engagement And Revenue

If you’ve ever missed a reply to your sales campaign and found yourself sending an apology that’s met with… crickets… you know how frustrating it can be. What could have been a new customer has moved on (probably to your competitor!) because you didn’t reply fast enough. Why? Because the email simply got lost in your inbox. A cluttered inbox is not only frustrating and overwhelming, but it can also literally cost your business money.

LeadGnome is the automated solution that maintains a clean, action-oriented inbox. When you use LeadGnome to organize campaign replies, you take back your day, get organized, and spend more time doing what matters most: selling.

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