Podcast: LeadGnome Featured On ‘The Top’ With Nathan Latka

July 10, 2018 6:05:11 AM | By Matt Benati

Podcast: LeadGnome Featured On 'The Top' With Nathan Latka

A few months ago, I was honored to be featured on The Top, Nathan Latka’s podcast where he talks with the top entrepreneurs in money, marketing, business and life. A successful software entrepreneur himself, Nathan keeps his guests on their toes with tough questions designed to reverse-engineer a company’s success in under 20 minutes.

Nathan’s fast-paced and no-nonsense approach gets business owners to spill their guts about how much money they’re making, how they’re doing it, and what tips they can share for up-and-coming and perspective founders.

I was prepared for a grilling and I wasn’t disappointed. Tune into the podcast to learn:

  • Some of the lesser-known facts about LeadGnome’s startup
  • What I’ve learned from my experience at other startups
  • How I launched LeadGnome in 2014 and bootstrapped entirely
  • How some of our customers are leveraging LeadGnome’s data
  • How the company grew in the past couple years
  • Why I really would think hard on selling at 2-3x ARR.

(By the way, my advice is the same advice I would’ve given to my 20 year old self: Get out there early!)

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