Predictable Prospecting: Email Mining And The Importance Of Automated Systems

April 10, 2018 6:30:38 AM | By Matt Benati

Email Mining Automated Systems

Last week, I was honored to be featured on MaryLou Tyler’s podcast, Predictable Prospecting. As the name implies, the podcast focuses on sales strategies and prospecting. If you’ve kept up with the LeadGnome blog, you know that I’m adamant that a business’s existing accounts and leads are one of it’s best sources of prospects – sales-ready prospects, in fact. The new contacts sourced from reply emails are coming directly from the leads you’re already engaging; the accounts you want to sell to.

While MaryLou touched on the value of reply emails in her first book, Predictable Revenue, she was interested to learn how LeadGnome has gone on to automate the process. Like many early sales and marketing professionals, MaryLou also had a painfully manual process for reviewing and extracting the information from Out-Of-Office emails. Her’s was a copy/paste process of dumping the body of the email into the comments section of her database. The intelligence was technically there, but it was still incredibly tedious to sort through and apply in a meaningful way, and in a timely manner.

I described my own similar experience; how I sought and was willing to pay for an automated process, but that none existed. And that’s how LeadGnome came to be. A reply email mining service that goes far beyond signature scraping, LeadGnome uses Artificial Intelligence to mine data from the unstructured body of emails. It mines highly-relevant and actionable intelligence, and makes connections with your leads and accounts that it would take a person countless hours to do manually.

MaryLou wanted the specifics, so we dug right in.

You can listen to the full podcast here. Here’s a recap of what we discussed:

  • LeadGnome’s origins, and mine and MaryLou’s experiences with manually mining reply emails
  • Out-Of-Office sample auto-response, what intelligence can be learned, and how to leverage it – add new contacts, enrich and cleanse your database
  • Left-The-Company sample auto-response, what intelligence can be learned, and how to leverage it – “old client, new company,” and a powerful sales opportunity to be the first in and win the deal 74% of time
  • Change of email sample auto-response, what intelligence can be learned, and how to leverage it – potential rebranding or merger and acquisition activity
  • How reply email mining fosters sales and marketing alignment
  • Benefits of email mining: grow pipeline, increase velocity and close rates, enrich and cleanse databases, map influencers within accounts, increase email deliverability rates, reduce data entry, inbox cleanup to increase customer signal-to-noise ratio and automatically organize replies
  • ROI of automating email mining – more affordable and more efficient than doing it manually
  • Concern that people are putting less information in OOO and LTC is not valid – most organizations are actually trying to be more transparent, particularly customer- or public-facing organizations and personnel

Predictable Prospecting Podcast

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