QUIZ: Are You An Account Based Intelligence Master Or Apprentice?

March 14, 2017 10:34:30 AM | By Matt Benati

We’ve heard from a lot of marketers who’ve already discovered the value of mining campaign reply emails for Account Based Intelligence (ABI). Every Left The Company or Out Of Office auto response you receive contains details about your lead and account that your sales team can leverage. And every unsubscribe or sender verification request protects your brand’s reputation. But these simple, albeit powerful, benefits still barely scratch the surface.

Master marketers who effectively harness the power of ABI maintain cleaner databases and fuel their sales pipelines with sales-ready leads. It’s more than Account Based Marketing when you’re mining email replies for ABI, it’s sales and marketing joining together to focus on what really matters: revenue. Trish Bertuzzi, CEO of The Bridge Group, has coined the phrase, Account Based Revenue – and we agree!

When you have successfully surrounded a target account with plays that drive intelligent engagement, there is nothing better than for that account to deliver a lead right back! Targeted, qualified and interested. Woot! — Trish Bertuzzi, President of The Bridge Group

Wondering how you stack up when it comes to capitalizing on the ABI uncovered from mining campaign reply emails? Take this short quiz to find out if you’re an Account Based Intelligence master or apprentice!

Check all that apply:

Only 2 out of 100 leads from marketing are in the company’s target accounts

I struggle to ‘map’ accounts & get the 7+ contacts needed to close the deal

My customer database is full of inaccurate information

I recognize my database decays at a rate of 40+% per year

My marketing team is focused primarily on inbound marketing (frictionless forms)

Many of my leads are name and email only

I’ve missed unsubscribe requests and/or faced bad online reviews

My email deliverability & open rates are low due to spam filters

My email campaigns aren’t personalized enough

I do not have the information necessary to segment by title

My lead quality is generally low

Pipeline growth isn’t where it should be

My renewal rate is lower than it should be

I do not have phone numbers for many of my leads

I am not sure what my lead’s role is within the company

My lead left the company and I didn’t know it

I’m always the last to know about an account’s merger & acquisition

My competition beats me to opportunities

I spend hours each week mining LinkedIn for information or new leads

I’m often caught off guard renewing accounts when my primary contact has left

If you checked 5 or less, congratulations, you’re an Account Based Intelligence master! If you found a few more opportunities, great news: you can rise from an apprentice by leveraging your campaign reply emails for valuable ABI that you can use to grow your Account Based Revenue.

Mining your reply emails comes with some pretty incredible benefits, including:

Grow Pipeline – Generate 4 new opportunities for each Left The Company response well before your competition knows these opportunities exist! Expand reach within organizations to create new deals, cross-sell and upsell. According to Craig Elias, Author of Trigger Event Selling, “First in wins the deal 74% of the time.”

Increase Sales Velocity – According to Gartner, an average of seven people are involved with each B2B buying decision. Add decision makers and influencers by as much as 36% from mining reply emails. The more you know about each account, the quicker you are able to win the deal.

Stem Database Decay – 94% of businesses suspect their customer and prospect databases are inaccurate. Campaign reply emails maintain your database continuously by identifying enhanced information about your leads. 66% of companies that have “clean” data report a boost in revenue and 25% higher conversions between the inquiry and qualified leads.

Automate Data Entry – LeadGnome automatically updates your Marketing Automation or CRM with fresh data, triggering workflows and alerting your sales team. We help you work smarter, not harder.

Protect Revenue & Brand – Identify and alert you to changes within an account before it’s time to begin renewal discussions. Notifications of unsubscribe and sender verification emails ensure your brand’s reputation and email deliverability rates remain high.

And while you certainly can pay a marketing analyst or intern to mine your campaign reply emails, if you’ve ever tried, you know it is expensive, time-consuming, error prone. This is where LeadGnome comes in. A powerful web service that runs seamlessly in the background, LeadGnome automatically mines your emails for valuable ABI. When integrated with your CRM, your database is automatically updated with fresh intelligence that can be used to trigger automatic workflows to send content, schedule follow-ups, and otherwise take action on the ABI.

Best of all, using LeadGnome is EASY. Imagine a martech product that requires:

  • Zero changes to your campaigns
  • Zero effort from your IT team
  • Zero manual data entry
  • Two minutes to set up

Ready to learn more about mining campaign reply emails for actionable sales intelligence? Download our FREE eBook: Transformative B2B Demand Generation for more info.

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