Ready For An Easter Data Hunt EGGstravaganza?

April 11, 2017 9:07:36 AM | By Matt Benati

After a weekend of sneaking your kids’ jellybeans and chocolate bunnies, wouldn’t it be refreshing to get back to the office and do your own egg hunt – for DATA?

Start planning now, and you can come back from a long holiday weekend to a veritable goldmine of Account Based Intelligence (ABI).

Here’s how.

Holidays Are A Great Time To Send Emails

Wait. Is that a typo? Nope! If you’re mining marketing campaign reply emails for Account Based Intelligence, then planning an email around a holiday is a strategic way to ensure you get more Out Of Office replies than usual . While any email campaign will return the usual 3% or so of replies, holidays tend to boost that percentage significantly.

Even though Easter is always on a Sunday, lots of schools are out the Friday before or observe the holiday on Monday. Many people take time off to prepare for a busy family weekend. If you schedule an email campaign for the Friday before Easter, you can plan for a hoppity good time come Monday as you return to a wealth of data.

What’s worth hunting for?

Out Of Office, Left The Company, Change Of Title – Oh My!

No cheap plastic eggs here! Just invaluable ABI that can be used to update your database, add net new contacts, expand your reach within target accounts, and identify actionable sales trigger events that can lead to more closed deals.

What replies, specifically, should you be hunting for?

Out Of Office – You’ll likely get the most of these after a holiday weekend. Often mistaken for nuisance replies, savvy marketers now know much, much better than to discredit these gems. Especially if you’re sending to top of funnel leads where you only have an email, an OOO can fill in the blanks, providing you with a wealth of data such as name, title, phone number, and even alternate contacts within the company (i.e. net new contacts). For established leads, an OOO may identify updated contact information or even more significant data like a change in email, company name or title.

Change Of Name/Email – Typically set up as auto-replies, a change of email could represent a big change at your account. Sure, it could just mean that your lead got married, but if it’s a domain change and not a name change, it could signal merger or acquisition activity. With old leads leaving, new leads coming in, and existing leads getting shifted around and gaining more influence, M&As are an excellent opportunity to reevaluate the organization’s needs and be the first in with your solution.

Chnage Of Title/Position – With 66% of people changing titles/job functions annually, staying abreast of these changes within your accounts is critical. Like a stale Peep, forgotten and forlorn in the bottom of your kid’s Easter basket, sending irrelevant emails to a lead leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Keep your database fresh and content relevant by hunting for auto-replies that indicate a change in title/position, and remember that this information can also be hidden in the signature line of OOO and other reply emails.

Left The Company – Far from the dead end they were once considered, a LTC is a valuable trigger event where the sales opportunities seem to multiply like bunnies if you know where to look. Additionally, catching a LTC while it’s still an auto-reply, before it becomes a hard bounce, gives you a 3-6 month timing advantage over competitors. Talk about a golden egg (err, opportunity)!

Sender Verification – In an effort to curb spam email, many organizations have added sender verification requirements to their email servers. This technology sends an email to the sender, requiring them to manually click a link to confirm they are not a robot in order for the email to be delivered. In order to catch these sender verification requests and ensure deliverability, you must analyze your reply emails. If a sender verification request goes unchecked, not only will your message not be delivered to its intended recipient, but your email reputation may be damaged as well.

Unsubscribe Requests – Don’t let these replies ruin the euphoria of your post-holiday sugar high! If someone didn’t go through the proper channels to automatically unsubscribe themselves from your mailing lists, then it’s your responsibility to catch their manual requests and promptly act on them. The silver lining? By removing them right away, before your next campaign, you protect your brand and keep your database up to date. The hidden egg here is that you are removing graymail from your list, and in so doing, ensuing your email reputation remains strong.

Automate The Hunt

Best of all, if you’re using LeadGnome to mine campaign reply emails, these eggs pretty much hunt themselves! LeadGnome is a web service that runs seamlessly in the background, automatically mining your campaign reply emails and updating your CRM with the account based intelligence found. For users of marketing automation systems like HubSpot , Marketo, and Eloqua, you can take automation a step further by creating custom programs that trigger workflows to send content, schedule tasks, and alert sales and marketing to important changes based on the information LeadGnome uncovers.

So let the kids keep their jellybeans and chocolate bunnies this Easter, and forget those cheap plastic eggs! Start your very own data hunt eggstravaganza right from your email server and see what treats turn up! To get started right away, check out our Free Trial (no credit card or strings attached)!

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