These Reply Email Stats Demand Action

November 14, 2017 6:15:10 AM | By Matt Benati

These Reply Email Stats Demand Action

Gone are the days of ignoring the Out-Of-Office, Left-The-Company, and other auto-replies that hit your ReplyTo mailbox after sending an email marketing campaign. Sales and marketing professionals are realizing that those overlooked email auto-responses actually contain valuable sales information. While there have always been a few determined organizations putting in the hours to manually mine these replies, the true value they contain has only recently become widespread knowledge. And with that knowledge comes the demand for an easier way to process reply emails and automatically extract the account intelligence they contain.  

My personal frustration in this very area was the catalyst for developing LeadGnome. I realized the value in reply emails and dedicated my work to giving sales and marketing professionals a simple, effective and affordable solution for accessing an incredible, untapped data source sitting right in their ReplyTo mailboxes.

Now, with many advocates using LeadGnome as part of their everyday email marketing strategies, we’ve been able to track the data and generate solid reply email statistics. It’s eye-opening, and really drives home the importance of leveraging the data that, quite literally, used to wind up in the trash.

These reply email stats will move you to take action: to leverage their intelligence to clean your customer database, grow pipeline, and accelerate sales cycles.

Bad Data Anxiety

If it feels like a constant uphill battle, that’s because it is. ZoomInfo research has found that 94% of businesses suspect their databases are inaccurate, while B2Bs are faced with data that decays at a rate of 70% per year. It’s estimated that bad data costs US businesses more than $611 billion each year and causes 40% of business objectives to fail. Bad data anxiety causes organizations to spend as much as 50% of their IT budget on data rehabilitation, and the longer an inaccurate record sits in your database, the more it costs to fix.

The great news is that there is a continuous database cleansing solution that really works — and it’s part of something you’re already doing: sending emails. (More on this below!)

Email Marketing Reigns Supreme

Despite the rise in social media, SMS, and other channels of communication, email has refused to die.

Email marketing:

  • Has an ROI of 4,300% – With any marketing strategy you’re employing, it’s important to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Email is still one of the most cost-effective strategies with the highest return on investment.
  • Has a 300% conversion rate vs social media – With social algorithms, your content could be reaching a much smaller audience than you think. Add in the impersonal nature of social, and it’s easy to see why more people open, click and purchase through email.
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Reply Email Statistics

Unlike other channels, email’s unique two-way communication coupled with corporate standards for setting auto-responses, provides senders with a continuous stream of data (i.e. reply emails and auto-responses) — even when recipients aren’t actively engaging with emails.

Based on data from real LeadGnome customers, here’s what we know about the response rate of the ubiquitous Out-Of-Office, Left-The-Company, and other reply emails that flood your inbox following an email marketing campaign:

  • 2% – 3% typical email response rate
  • 5% – 6% holiday response rate

Depending on the size of your database and frequency of campaigns, you could be receiving hundreds, or even thousands of reply emails. For example, if you send just two emails per month to your database of 50,000, you could be looking at 2,000 replies on a normal day and 5,000 around the holidays — on the low end!

The Real Value In Reply Emails

Once an organization realizes the potential of reply emails, some will increase campaigns, particularly around holidays, to increase the response rate. If the organization above added two emails during the week of Thanksgiving, they could potentially double their response rate for the month.

Returning from a turkey coma to 5,000 reply emails teeming with useful information like new and updated contact information, net new leads, and sales trigger events, would go a long way in helping close out the year strong.

Whether you uncover a phone number, get a new referral contact, or find out about M&A activity before your competitors, every piece of information from a reply email directly or indirectly impacts your bottom line.

Here’s what we’ve found in the reply emails of LeadGnome customers:

55% – 65% of email responses contain an alternate contact – Whether a colleague or manager is listed in an Out Of Office reply, or a replacement contact is listed in a Left The Company reply, alternate contacts allow you to learn more about the people within your accounts and figure out who the influencers and decision makers are that you need to be in front of.

24% additional contacts annually with 2 emails per month – Of the alternate contacts identified, you can decide who you want to engage and send them an introductory email asking them to opt-in. When it’s all said and done, LeadGnome customers are adding 24% more contacts annually by sending just two emails per month.

72% of existing records enriched and cleansed annually with 3 emails per month – Reply emails act as the freshest data source possible and provide continuous cleansing and enriching of your existing database. By continuing to send email marketing campaigns as usual and simply mining the replies, you can virtually eliminate bad data anxiety!

74% of deals are won by first sales team in the opportunity – According to Forrester, when you find out a lead has left the company, or that one of your accounts is going through a merger or acquisition, you have a unique opportunity to reframe your solution or present it to a new person eager to prove themselves. When you learn about one of these trigger events through email mining, you could gain a 3-6 month timing advantage over competitors and be the first in to win the deal.

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Leverage Reply Emails With LeadGnome

When you realize the power of reply emails, it becomes impossible to ignore or delete them. But at the same time, many organizations struggle with not having the time or resources to manually analyze all of the replies.

LeadGnome is an automated reply email mining service that allows you to harness the power of responses and actually reduce reduce human resources in the process. The simple, 2-minute setup requires no IT involvement and no changes to your existing email marketing process. Through integration with major CRMs and MAPs, LeadGnome data can be applied to workflows to automate your sales and marketing processes to increase productivity and grow revenue.

2017 Reply Email Statistics - LeadGnome

To find out more about the power of reply email mining, download our free eBook, Transformative B2B Demand Generation, which features examples of the most common email replies and the type of data that can be mined from each. We highlight the intelligence in each reply and give suggestions for how to best leverage that data to increase sales.

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