Smart Selling Tools: Sales Tech Game Changers Featuring LeadGnome

January 23, 2018 12:58:14 PM | By Matt Benati

Smart Selling Tools: Sales Tech Game Changers Featuring LeadGnome

Our friends over at Smart Selling Tools have no shortage of resources to help sales professionals navigate the SalesTech landscape. They take their job seriously because they understand that selecting new technology from the more than 400 SalesTech solutions available can understandably be an overwhelming process. Their goal is to provide great information about sales tools that helps organizations find the best solution for their needs.

As part of her Sales Tech Blog, Nancy Nardin writes a series called “Sales Tech Game Changers” where she asks tech executives to describe the why and how of their solution. This is the second year that Nancy has included LeadGnome in the series, and I’m honored to once again have the opportunity to talk shop and share our solution with organizations looking to take their sales game to the next level via a previously untapped data source: reply emails.

Read the full interview by clicking on the image below:

Sales Tech Game Changers - LeadGnome

In the interview, I discuss:

  • The top 3 ways email mining changes the game for sales organizations
  • The top 5 things LeadGnome allows salespeople to do better and faster
  • What customers should expect within the first 30 days after purchasing LeadGnome
  • How companies can calculate their potential ROI
  • How sales teams can ensure success using LeadGnome
  • Additional resources to learn more about reply email mining

Want to find out more about mining reply emails for sales intelligence? In our free eBook, Transformative B2B Demand Generation, we share real examples of the most popular email replies, highlight the intelligence you can find in each, and provide tips for how you can use that intelligence to boost revenue.

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