Sprocket Talk Podcast – Email Strategies With HubSpot & LeadGnome

September 18, 2018 4:57:20 PM | By Matt Benati

Sprocket Talk Podcast - Email Strategies With HubSpot & LeadGnome

This week, I was honored to be the featured guest on Sprocket Talk, a weekly podcast created by the folks at Impulse Creative which covers all things HubSpot — inbound strategies, sales and marketing expert interviews, HubSpot news and products, etc… Host George Thomas’ enthusiasm for helping HubSpot users leverage all they can from the platform was contagious. It was fun to chat with someone who gets just as excited about the impact mining email replies has on sales and marketing as I do!

After I explained a little about my background and why I launched LeadGnome, we dug into the benefits of mining reply emails and how they often contain significant sales intelligence. Here are some highlights:

  • How mining emails can add decision makers to your database.
  • How an Out-Of-Office auto-reply can immediately give your sales team a ‘warm call’ advantage.  
  • Why LeadGnome offers benefits for both Sales and Marketing.
  • How mining email replies eliminates the data entry nightmare for sales teams.
  • The advantages of maintaining a clean inbox.
  • Examples of workflows and how LeadGnome integrates with HubSpot
  • And more…

Sprocket Talk With LeadGnome Video

We ended the interview with a little “Interview Volleyball” before talking about what types of organizations are typically the right fit for LeadGnome. My answer? B2B organizations that are already familiar with and leveraging HubSpot workflows and smart lists. LeadGnome provides a significant amount of sales data that works best when it can be incorporated directly into your established HubSpot automations.

If you’d like to learn more about mining reply emails along with examples of the most popular types of email replies we see, check out our free eBook: Revolutionary B2B Marketing Operations.

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