The SDR Chronicles – How To Take An Account-Based Approach That Wins

October 4, 2016 7:47:59 AM | By Matt Benati

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Morgan Ingram, Team Lead, Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Terminus and the host of The SDR Chronicles, a blog and YouTube series dedicated to providing real world tips and guidance to fellow SDRs. He wanted to learn more about the LeadGnome technology, and specifically how the Account Based Intelligence (ABI) it gleans from campaign reply emails can be leveraged by frontline SDRs.

You can watch the full video below, but here’s a recap of the topics we discussed:

  • How both sales and marketing teams leverage LeadGnome to deepen their understanding of accounts and the changes occurring within them, identify new contacts, and uncover valuable sales trigger events.
  • The importance of sales and marketing alignment, and why the teams need to work together to identify best-fit accounts and meet revenue goals with a focused approach.
  • Specifically how the Account Based Intelligence (ABI) LeadGnome uncovers benefits the SDR by providing more information about leads and greater coverage within accounts, allowing them to segment and personalize messaging.
  • Why the messaging in an ABM strategy needs to be personalized based on account and persona, and how it’s the SDR’s job to use ABI to segment leads and match them to the resources they need.
  • The frontline mentality of the SDR and the importance of feeling empowered to own each account, identify changes, and build a rapport by providing value – not selling – from a strategic perspective.
  • Marketing’s role in a successful ABM strategy, and how the SDR – who knows the account best – can help direct marketing efforts by marshaling resources and getting the right information, in the right format, in front of the right person.
  • The invaluable benefit of trigger events, and how LeadGnome automatically identifies them, giving the SDR a huge advantage to beat the competition, accelerate sales velocity, and win the deal.

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