Timing is Everything: Optimize Campaigns by Acting Quickly

August 18, 2015 6:59:15 AM | By Matt Benati

You may already be convinced about the value that exists within email replies, such as out of office (OOO) messages, opt-out messages, and personal emails to the corporate email box. But have you given thought to how long its lifespan is? Like many things, the value contained in email reply messages gets stale over time, so acting quickly is essential.

Not every marketing organization mines email replies for new leads or for intelligence about existing contacts. Many of those that do, however, use cumbersome manual processes. As a result, it’s only practical to sort through email replies to the corporate inbox on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, that frequency of mining means that most email intelligence is out of date and all that effort is wasted.

Let’s consider the importance of timing and email reply messages from four perspectives: identifying new leads, preserving your company’s reputation, responding to personal emails in a timely way, and following up with existing contacts.

Cultivating New Leads From Email Replies.

According to Statista, in the 12 months leading up to May 2014, the average length of trips taken by American travelers was 6.2 nights away from home. Most out of office messages that you receive are likely to designate a return date that’s no more than a week away. That means that you need to act rapidly to identify the new leads contained in the OOO response and reach out to those individuals. The “qualifying moment” is brief and you have a limited window of opportunity in which to act. The only way to obtain actionable information in a timely way is to automate the process of mining OOO messages. Acting quickly on OOO leads is consistent with other marketing best practices. For example, when a lead fills out a form, best in class companies respond within minutes or at a minimum within 24 hours.

Preventing Damage To Your Reputation.

Identifying and acting immediately on opt-out request emails is critical to your company’s reputation. However, it can be extremely difficult to find opt-out emails in a noisy corporate inbox. If you don’t act on opt-out messages quickly, individuals at target accounts could become upset, potentially tarnishing your company’s reputation. Using an automated process to handle opt-out requests is a best practice for email marketers.

Handling Personal Emails Immediately.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to send a personal email to a corporate email inbox. For example, let’s say that your marketing team sends out an email with a webinar invitation. A prospect replies to that email stating they will be out of town and would like to know if a recording will be available after the event. Alternatively, the prospect may reply that they would like to talk further with a salesperson. In both cases, the marketing and sales teams need to know immediately that the reply is waiting in the corporate inbox and they need to take action quickly. Fast responses to customer requests translate into happy customers – they feel important rather than “just another number.”

Following Up With Existing Contacts.

OOO messages are valuable because they offer insight into when key contacts will be back in the office. There is no point in wasting time calling contacts if they are on vacation. If you know when they will return, you can target a date to call when you know the individual is in the office and is less likely to be digging out of emails and other work that has accumulated while they were away. Setting automatic follow up reminders in Salesforce.com, for example, is a great way to leverage the information in OOO messages.

LeadGnome mines emails for leads and actionable business intelligence. Rather than relying on manual processes to sift through email replies, you can now respond quickly to new leads and fulfill requests rapidly, whether that’s a request to be taken off your email list or a sales question that needs to be answered in a timely manner.

Thanks to natural language processing and data mining technologies, LeadGnome applies intelligent analysis which “fills in the blanks” in email replies, producing new leads and other business intelligence faster and more comprehensively than a human could accomplish on their own. In addition, LeadGnome will help you create reminders in Salesforce, so your team knows exactly when to follow up with contacts.

With LeadGnome, the marketing and sales teams can easily apply best practices related to email marketing, account based marketing, and lead cultivation. The process is simple and risk free – register for free, create a simple forwarding rule to send email replies to your LeadGnome inbox address, and then benefit from a deeper and broader understanding of your targeted accounts. If you’d like to learn more about the LeadGnome service and deriving the greatest value from email reply messages, feel free to contact us!

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