Top 10 ABM Email Hacks To Keep Your Online Reputation Intact

May 31, 2016 1:47:01 PM | By Matt Benati

What comes to mind when you think of Online Reputation Management (ORM)? If you’re like most marketers, your main focus is probably on social media comments (HIGH alert on those guys, right?), followed closely by online reviews on sites like Yelp and Google. You may even have Google alerts set up for your business name to keep track of any and all mentions you get ­ good, bad or ugly.

But the truth is, ORM is so much more. Ideally, you should be looking at all of the things you do to shape the perception of your business online ­ and that includes email marketing. For B2Bs who employ Account Based Marketing (ABM), email marketing is a vital component for expanding into target accounts, segmenting and personalizing messages, creating brand advocates, and ultimately closing more deals.
It’s kind of a big deal, so you need to make sure you’re getting it right. How? Following a few simple email marketing best practices will go a long way toward creating and maintaining your stellar online reputation.

So without further ado, here’s our “Top 10” ABM Email Hacks To Keep Your Online Reputation Intact!

Hack #10 ­ Consistent Branding

Not to be Captain Obvious, but your email templates should match your overall branding in terms of colors, design and logo. If a lead receives an email from you about an eBook they just downloaded, they should be able to instantly recognize that it’s from you. Likewise, when your monthly newsletter hits their inbox or your new product announcement, they should be able to tell, with a quick glance, that the message is from you.

Hack #9 ­ Proofread. Then Proofread Again

Have you ever been reading an email and then BAM! ­­ you stumble over a glaring error? It completely stops your process. Instead of reading the message, you find yourself wondering “do they really think ‘your’ is spelled like that?” Every time a lead notices a spelling or grammar mistake in one of your emails, you lose credibility. This is true whether it’s a quick follow up message or a polished, branded newsletter. Take the time to proofread your messages before sending. And if you know spelling and grammar are weaknesses, have someone else read them over, too!

Hack #8 ­ Don’t Be A Spammer

Seems simple, right? If someone isn’t subscribed to your marketing list, you can’t send them 10 generic emails per month. But there’s more. You also have to listen to the people who are subscribed to your list who have changed their minds. If someone doesn’t use the preferred “unsubscribe” link and instead clicks “reply” and asks to be removed from your list, you better hope you see that email and manually unsubscribe them before your next email blast, or else they may blow up your social media sites…

A simple way to ensure you never miss and important opt­out email is to use an automated solution like LeadGnome. With advanced lead­to­account matching, LeadGnome will flag the lead so you can remove them ASAP.

Hack #7 ­ Optimize For Mobile

With more than half (56%) of all emails being opened on mobile, if your message isn’t optimized for mobile, there’s a good chance it’s not getting read. Already optimized for mobile? Great! So are a lot of other companies, but do you know what’s missing? BIG buttons. Don’t make your user have to pinch, zoom and scroll across their screen if you want them to fill out a form or click a button to take an action. Make it mobile, and make it easy.

Hack #6 ­ Personalize Your Messaging

For ABM sales and marketing teams, knowing who the key players in your account are ­ and what their roles are ­ is absolutely crucial. Sending the same generic marketing message to your everyday user and to the CFO will get you nowhere. Personalized messages, on the other hand? According to the Aberdeen Group, you could expect to see as much as a 14% improvement in click­through rates and a 10% increase in conversions as a result of sending targeted, personalized emails. In­depth Account Based Intelligence (ABI) allows you to personalize your messaging to meet the need of each lead within your target account.

Which leads us to…

Hack #5 ­ Segmentation

So you know you need to send targeted messages to your leads, but short of manually sending each one a personal message, how do you do it? With segmentation. As you gather ABI on your leads within target accounts, you begin to uncover categories of users, influencers, decision makers, buyers, etc. Adding this “role” to each lead in your marketing automation or CRM system allows you to segment them by category and thus send targeted, personalized messages.

The caveat? Your database needs to be up­to­date.

Hack #4 ­ Maintain Your Database

If you’ve followed our blog, you’ve heard us talk about how as much as 40% of your database could be “rotten apples,” according to statistics from Zoominfo. Your leads leave, get promoted or even just change their email address, and you’re left with a stale database and potentially annoyed people who are receiving irrelevant communication from you. This becomes even more problematic for SaaS companies who rely on renewals for livelihood. In either case, tracking your leads and maintaining an accurate database is essential to business.

Hack #3 ­ Craft A Catchy Subject Line

With 100 billion emails being sent worldwide every day, if your subject line doesn’t catch your user’s attention in their inbox, they’re not even going to waste the time opening it. Need some inspiration to liven up your subject lines? Check out HubSpot’s list of 18 of the Best Email Subject Lines You’ve Ever Read.

Hack #2 ­ Pay Attention To Auto­Reply Emails

Auto­reply emails are one of our favorite things to talk about because they are like little virtual gifts to your sales and marketing team. Are they tied up in a nice neat bow? Well, no. To be honest, they’re a royal pain to manually read and analyze. But within nearly every reply email there is a hidden nugget of gold, a piece of Account Based Intelligence that could result in a new lead, better information about an existing lead, or even a golden opportunity to reach out and make an impression at just the right time! When it takes as many as 5.4 people to make a B2B buying decision these days, having a way to drive leads and enhance ABM efforts is essential. Tracking reply emails is a great way you get there.

No time to do it, you say? An automated solution, like LeadGnome, mines thousands of email replies in a matter of minutes, automatically updating your marketing automation or CRM system, and scheduling tasks for time­sensitive matters that you need to be aware of now.

Like trigger events.

Hack #1 ­ Recognize & Take Advantage Of Trigger Events

As you mine your email campaign replies with LeadGnome, you will begin to uncover certain “trigger events” happening within your accounts. These are significant changes, such as when your lead changes positions or leaves the company, and they can be the perfect opportunity to jump in with just the right solution at just the right time. Where you couldn’t make headway before, a single change within the hierarchy of the account could be just the ticket for closing a deal or acquiring new accounts and making nice with fresh leads. In fact, according to Craig Elias, author of SHIFT! The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers, “First in wins the sale 74% of the time.”

Bottom line: Yes, you absolutely need to come up with targeted, relevant messages (proofread and with super catchy titles, of course) to utilize in your email marketing campaigns. But more importantly, you need to pay attention to the replies that come in after you hit send, as they contain invaluable pieces of Account Based Intelligence that can help you go deeper and broader within your target accounts, allowing for better segmentation, personalization and ultimately more closed deals!

To learn more about Account Based Intelligence and how you can recognize your own trigger events, check out our latest eBook: Account Based Intelligence: The Essential Ingredient For Account Based Marketing Success.

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