Turbocharge Your Demand Generation Impact With Trigger Events & Automation

August 31, 2016 9:52:51 AM | By Matt Benati

What is the ultimate goal of every sales and marketing department? DRIVE REVENUE. While there are countless ways to achieve this depending on your business, one of the simplest – and often-overlooked – is analyzing your campaign reply emails.

A Left The Company (LTC) reply email is particularly powerful for boosting revenue. How? Instead of deleting or ignoring LTC emais and assuming they’re the end of the road for that lead, savvy marketers know they can extract valuable Account Based Intelligence (ABI) from each auto-reply, resulting in not one, but FOUR, potential new prospects.

And, even more importantly, quickly identifying and acting on these trigger events, or intent signals, gives your team a 3-6 month sales advantage over the competition! Talk about turbocharging revenue growth!

How do you find those LTC campaign reply emails, much less mine them for all the ABI they contain? Hiring a marketing analyst to open and read every reply email is a worthwhile investment considering the impact on your bottom line. But manually opening and responding can be tedious and doesn’t scale.

Can the process really be hands-off? Yes. Employing an automated solution, like LeadGnome, to mine campaign reply emails and integrate with your CRM or marketing automation platforms, speeds up the process of identifying trigger events, reduces the margin of error and allows your paid staff to spend time focused on more important tasks.

In the infographic below, we take a closer look at analyzing a LTC reply email and the advantages of automating this process.

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