Two Industry Leaders Weigh In On The Power Of Fresh Data

January 17, 2017 5:03:46 AM | By Matt Benati

In today’s blog, Brian Hession, President and Founder of Oceanos , and I highlight the importance of fresh data and the impact database integrity has on sales. Purchasing a list from an industry leader like Oceanos is a fantastic way to quickly grow your database with high-quality, relevant leads. The challenges — as with all leads in your database — are twofold:

  1. Avoiding database decay by keeping information updated
  2. Learning more about each account and contact in order to improve messaging and move leads through your sales funnel

Fortunately, today’s sales and marketing teams have more innovative technology than ever to manage their data and automate many tedious and error-prone processes. Leveraging new technology is important not only to your own efforts, but for keeping up with the competition as well.

For example, you’re probably sitting on a wealth of information about the contacts in your database right now, and you may not even know it. How? Those campaign reply emails – that may have been getting ignored or deleted – are actually an innovative way to capture fresh data and identify actionable sales trigger events.

Here’s how.

Importance Of Keeping Your Database Up To Date

It’s obvious that if you want to reach prospects, you need to know who they are, where they work, what their role is in the buying process, and how to reach them. When any of these elements change, your messaging and your ability to deliver your messages become obsolete and your connect rates drop.

According to Zoominfo , 94% of B2Bs suspect that their customer and prospect data are inaccurate, yet 30% of those have no strategy in place for updating their database. All that bad data costs US businesses an astounding $611 billion each year.

Oceanos’ Cleanse & Append Application

The team at Oceanos recognizes that having clean and complete contact data is an essential component of any sales and marketing program. To get a handle on the state of your contact data, they recommend conducting a Data Health Check as a first step. This health check provides insight into the accuracy and completeness of your data, quantifying your current data condition and identifying areas that need improvement.

With clean and complete data, you can then inventory your contacts with a Contact Gap Analysis. This provides a clear lens into the contacts you have — and the ones missing within your addressable market. With this insight, you can strategically source the contacts you’re missing and expand your reach within your targeted accounts.

Use Account Based Intelligence To Optimize Your Sales Process

Continuously delivering fresh account and contact information to your database is as easy as sending a couple email marketing campaigns each month. The reply emails – Out Of Office, Left The Company, Change Of Email, etc – that come back, contain valuable Account Based Intelligence (ABI) that can be used to:

  • Add net new contacts
  • Update information on existing contacts
  • Expand your reach within best-fit accounts
  • Identify actionable sales trigger events , such as:
    • When a lead will be in and out of the office
    • When a lead leaves the company (there are actually 4 potential sales opportunities here!)
    • When a lead gets promoted from your user to your buyer
    • When an account goes through a merger or acquisition

Advantages Of Leveraging Reply Emails

The most advantageous aspect of using campaign reply emails to update your database is that the information is coming directly from your best-fit accounts. This is particularly important for Account Based Marketing and Account Based Sales Development teams. You continuously learn new and relevant information about the accounts you are already actively engaging through email marketing efforts.

Using this information, you can take real and measurable actions toward expanding within your key accounts, connecting with more leads, and closing more deals by:

Automate The Process With LeadGnome

While it’s clear how valuable your campaign reply emails can be, the actual task of analyzing each one, extracting the relevant ABI, updating your database, and scheduling follow-up tasks… is quite tedious-and-error-prone.

But not when you use LeadGnome. A web-based application that’s a snap to set up using a simple email forwarding rule, LeadGnome runs seamlessly in the background, automatically mining your campaign reply emails for ABI within a matter of minutes. It requires no changes to your existing CRM or MA platforms and no changes to your current email campaigns.

If you choose, you can integrate LeadGnome with your CRM and allow it to automatically update your records with the mined data; alternatively, you can export the information to a .csv file for review. Likewise, you can create marketing automation programs around the data that automatically schedules tasks or sends follow-up messages.

Ready to find out more about LeadGnome’s capability to mine reply emails for data? Check out our FREE Quickstart Guide: Turn Reply Emails Into Revenue:

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