Video: LeadGnome 90-Second Nugget E2 – Eliminate Bad Contacts

June 21, 2018 6:26:33 AM | By Matt Benati

LeadGnome 90-Second Nugget E2-Eliminate Bad Contacts

B2B data decays at an alarming rate of 70% annually, making database health a top priority for organizations committed to engaging leads, increasing deliverability rates, and maintaining a positive email reputation.

B2B data decays at an alarming rate of 70% annually according to @hartehanks. #B2BMarketing #ReplyEmailMining Click To Tweet

But how do you know if a lead is good or bad? One way is to pay attention to the reply emails coming back from your email campaigns. Tune into today’s 90-Second Nugget to learn which replies to look for, and how they are the key to eliminating bad contacts from your database.


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