Video: HubSpot for Startups Startup Scoop – Matt Benati on Building a SaaS Company

January 24, 2017 1:26:44 PM | By Matt Benati

Last week, I had the opportunity to be a part of the first-ever episode of the HubSpot for Startups Startup Scoop series. LeadGnome is part of HubSpot for Startups program, and I can’t say enough about this fantastic program for founders and founders-to-be attempting to navigate the entrepreneurial waters successfully. The new Startup Scoop series is shaping up to be a great resource for entrepreneurs, and I’m honored to have been asked to get the ball rolling by discussing my startup journey.

You can watch the full interview below, but here’s a recap of what we discussed:

Introduction to LeadGnome & Founder Background – Email mining solution that identifies Account Based Intelligence (ABI) from campaign reply emails such as Out Of Office, Left The Company, change of email, etc.

Product Market Fit – How do you know you’re onto something? Talk to people, ask advice, and find out if people think it’s a good idea. Create a simple prototype and listen to the feedback. Are people looking for a solution like yours?

Sales & Marketing – Customer acquisition is the #1 thing startups want to learn. LeadGnome has excelled by developing valuable content that people really want to read, acquiring a large social following, not pushing its own agenda but being involved in the ABM and inbound communities, and by listening to leads, providing great service, and being flexible with the trial period.

Advice for Founders and Startups – Get up and go! Always be up to the challenge of learning, and keep your money and resources focused.

LeadGnome, the category-defining Account Based Intelligence web service company, mines emails to generate new contacts, append and cleanse existing leads, and provide actionable intelligence that fuels sales acceleration. Because the platform integrates with popular marketing automation and CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo and Oracle Cloud, data gathered can be added and workflows implemented automatically.

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