Webinar: Discovering Sales Trigger Events & Capitalizing On Them

December 13, 2016 5:53:01 AM | By Matt Benati

If you’ve been enjoying the webinar and podcast content lately, then I have a real treat for you today. This week, I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar hosted by Sanjit Singh, COO of LeadCrunch. If you’re not familiar withLeadCrunch, they use some serious artificial intelligence technology to help B2Bs find new prospects based on existing customers. Their solutions help sales and marketing teams “Target the right contact at the right company at the right time with the right message.”

Sound familiar? Music to my ears.

When Sanjit wanted to talk about trigger events and how to capitalize on them, I couldn’t wait to share my passion for LeadGnome and how we uncover trigger events, increase sales velocity, and grow revenue.

Here’s a quick recap of our discussion:

  • Account Based Marketing: Many B2Bs recognize the advantage of an account-based strategy, focusing on best-fit accounts first, and then finding the right leads within those accounts. Sales and marketing alignment is also becoming more of a focus as this synergy has been proven to increase productivity.
  • Meet LeadGnome: The LeadGnome presentation begins at 4:40 and presents two challenges when trying to identify the right leads:
    • Challenge 1 – Increasing Lead Volume & Quality. A focus in both ABM and traditional lead-based marketing, when generating leads that fit your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), you want the data to be as accurate as possible.
    • Challenge 2 – Customer Database Decay – 94% of businesses suspect that their prospect and customer data is inaccurate. How do we prevent database decay?
  • Secret Data Source: Campaign Reply Emails: Analyzing these replies provides depth and breadth within target accounts using Account Based Intelligence (ABI) in three very important and useful ways:
    • Adding net new referral contacts
    • Appending and cleansing existing contact information
    • Identifying sales trigger events
  • Sales Trigger Events: At the 12:00 min mark, we discuss sales trigger events. I share how Founder of SHIFT Selling, Craig Elias, turns a single bounced (no longer with the company) email into four sales opportunities.
  • Before the Bounce: LeadGnome identifies trigger events 3-6 months before a hard bounce — giving your sales team a significant timing advantage over competitors, and as Craig has found, first in wins the deal 74% of time!
  • Left-The-Company Emails: LTC emails are also very important for renewals, especially for SaaS companies. LeadGnome’s ability to catch these early, allows your sales team to build rapport with a new contact within the organization, before their renewal comes due.
  • Out-Of-Office Emails: At 18:45, we discuss Out of Office (OOO) emails. These actually make up the bulk of campaign reply emails. I share that we’ve seen as many as 20 new contacts added to a customer’s database as a result of a single OOO. In fact, 55-65% of OOO emails provide net new contacts.

If you’re interested in getting the right message to the right person at the right company at the right time, LeadGnome can help you identify the trigger events that can make it happen.

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