Webinar: Finding Your Path to Higher Revenue Growth

August 1, 2017 10:26:39 AM | By Matt Benati

I was honored that LeadGnome was recently part of Nancy Nardin’s recent webinar, Finding Your Path to Higher Revenue Growth: Navigating the Sales Tech landscape. As any organization knows, the number of sales and marketing technologies available today can be downright overwhelming. Finding the best solutions for your business is challenging.

Nancy breaks down the salestech landscape and helps organizations choose solutions for their salestech stack based on unique pain points and optimal paths to revenue growth. When Nancy talks about building your sales technology stack, she makes it clear that technology is simply the enabler. Instead, she recommends thinking of it more as a sales transformation stack. Sales transformation meaning: sell More in less Time, at the right Price, to the right End, and with fewer sales People.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The crowded (albeit exciting) sales technology landscape.
  • Who takes the lead within organizations to research and mandate transformation tools.
  • Revenue Hierarchy Model :
    • Someone to sell to and why
    • When and how to engage
    • Why buy, and from you
    • How to close
    • Up/Cross sell and renew
    • Management, admin., forecasting and opps
    • Sales development, measurement and reinforcing
    • Plus a comprehensive checklist for each hierarchy to help determine if sales processes and tools are in place or needed.
  • Sales Stack Maturity Model:
    • Chart to evaluate how developed hierarchy processes are.
    • In-depth charts that show advancing capabilities within each process and examples of matching salestech solutions.

Where Does LeadGnome Come In?

Nancy places LeadGnome on the Sales Stack Maturity Model chart (start video here) as a salestech solution under the hierarchy process “Someone to sell to and why.” She ranks capabilities from basic to advanced using the jiu-jitsu “belt” system: white, blue, purple, brown and black.

She considers LeadGnome to be perfect for practitioners at the “purple belt” level — those who have moved past using internet searches (white belt), and past lead list building (blue belt), to more advanced strategies such as email auto-reply mining.

“LeadGnome’s unique capabilities allow sales teams to expand into accounts that they’ve already identified as their Ideal Customer. It’s a great complement for B2Bs with a mature salestech stack looking to improve lead quality and drive revenue through an existing channel: email marketing,” said Nardin.

A reply email mining service like LeadGnome provides capabilities that allow you to expand your reach within target accounts and find people to sell to by:

  • Identifying sales trigger events that alert you to changes within your accounts months before competitors.
  • Discovering net new contacts via Out of Office, Left the Company, and other auto-replies.
  • Mining contact information from reply emails to append and cleanse your database.

Watch The Full Webinar Now

The great part about using Nancy’s sales transformation strategies is that you can quickly identify where your organization’s challenges and opportunities lie, and effortlessly match your desired capabilities with a salestech solution based on how developed your hierarchy processes are. If you’re already mining emails and you’re ready to move onto more advanced strategies, simply take a look at Nancy’s chart and see what capabilities you need to to graduate to a “brown belt,” and what sales technology solutions are available to help you get there.

If you haven’t started automatically mining your email replies for sales data and are ready to proceed to “purple belt” status, we can help! Sign up for our Free Trial. Set-up takes just a couple of minutes and requires no credit card or IT involvement.

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