[Webinar] Nick Ezzo, Top 40 Demand Marketer, Shares his Secret Weapon Of Success

December 6, 2016 6:03:36 AM | By Matt Benati

Last week, I had the opportunity to be a guest on Nancy Nardin’s weekly Sales Stack Webinar Series. The Founder and President of Smart Selling Tools, Nancy is the ultimate authority on sales and marketing productivity tools, and her seminars feature up and coming solutions in a Q&A format with the provider and a real user.

If you follow our LeadGnome blog, you’ve likely read a case study or watched a video interview with one of our early adopters, Host Analytics. So it only made sense that VP of Demand Generation, Nick Ezzo, join me on the show and share his challenges and goals, explain why he chose LeadGnome, and review the incredible results his company has enjoyed in just one short year of using our Account Based Intelligence solution.

See How You Can Use LeadGnome To Increase Coverage Into Target Accounts

One of Nick’s biggest challenges was expanding reach into his company’s target accounts. He wanted to increase coverage in each account to 3-5 influencers he would be able to continually engage. As an SaaS company, Host Analytics depends largely on renewals. Therefore, tracking movement within accounts was also a top priority.

With 30% of people changing jobs annually, finding out when a lead leaves the company is a significant trigger event, not only for renewals, but for uncovering new sales opportunities – and most importantly, for gaining a timing advantage over competitors.

Using Trigger Selling To Be First In And Win The Deal 74% Of The Time!

At 28:33 in the webinar we talk about the power of trigger event selling and Craig Elias’s, Founder of SHIFT Selling, findings that when you discover a significant change within an account and are the first in – you will win the deal 74% of the time. For most companies, that’s motivation enough to learn about sales trigger events as early as possible!

And one of the easiest things you can start doing TODAY is mining your campaign reply emails for Account Based Intelligence (ABI), revealing these golden opportunities.

Find Out How LeadGnome Really Works

One of my favorite parts of the webinar was doing a demo of the LeadGnome platform. I describe many use cases and show real results. I also describe how easy it is to configure LeadGnome in less than 5 minutes!

Tune in and see for yourself how seamlessly – and painlessly – LeadGnome integrates with your existing sales and marketing tools. You can begin mining thousands of emails in your marketing mailbox within a matter of minutes without bothering your IT team.

Top Marketing Tool & Sales Tool Of 2016 – For Two Years In A Row

Also this week, I was surprised with the news that for the second year in a row, LeadGnome has been named a Top Marketing Tool 2016 and Top Sales Tool 2016 by Smart Selling Tools in the Account Based Marketing and Lead & Database Management categories.

Start your FREE Trial of LeadGnome now, and see why it’s quickly becoming a new favorite must-have for sales and marketing teams everywhere!

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