Webinar: How QuickMobile Stopped Database Decay By Mining Reply Emails With LeadGnome

September 19, 2017 1:48:13 PM | By Matt Benati

Webinar: QuickMobile Uses LeadGnome To Stop Database Decay

Last week, I had the honor of participating in a webinar for Smart Selling Tools, hosted by their  President and founder, Nancy Nardin. The webinar featured Emily Dick, Director of Marketing for QuickMobile, a mobile event app for conferences and meetings. Nancy’s webinars typically feature a conversation with a sales or marketing practitioner about their use of technology — what challenges they faced, objectives they hoped to reach, and why they picked the solution they did. The technology provider then gives an on-screen demo, answers questions and offers tips for other organizations interested in a similar solution.

It’s a very insightful format because you get a firsthand case study from a successful practitioner plus insight directly from the provider, allowing you to see how sales and marketing technologies are applied in real life.

This week, we explored how QuickMobile stopped database decay using LeadGnome’s reply email mining AI solution.

About QuickMobile

QuickMobile’s event app allows organizations to create beautiful experiences for event attendees while boosting engagement and ROI for customers. They work with event planners around the world and generate thousands of email replies each month with their marketing campaigns. Emily recognized the value in reply emails, having mined them manually at previous companies to gain account intelligence, before hearing about LeadGnome’s automated solution from a fellow Marketo Champion. After researching LeadGnome at a previous company, Emily was ready to pull the trigger once she came onboard at QuickMobile.


  • Small marketing department
  • Large database that is hard to keep up-to-date
  • Robust email marketing campaigns generate 12,000 – 15,000 reply emails per month


  • Handle unsubscribe requests from customers hitting the reply button
  • Remove invalid email addresses (i.e., person is no longer with the company or their email address changed)
  • Enrich existing leads with missing information (e.g., title, phone numbers)
  • Add new contacts to very specific and segmented campaigns
  • Eliminate manual time spent mining replies


  • LeadGnome was up and running in less than an hour
  • Integrated with Marketo and added programs (workflows)
  • LeadGnome required zero changes to existing campaigns and campaign processes


  • Started seeing relevant data mined from email replies immediately
  • Removed dead leads from campaigns
  • Gave time back to sales reps that had previously spent time on irrelevant leads
  • Instilled confidence in sales team that marketing now delivers high-value contacts and eliminates calls to people no longer with the company
  • Identified sales trigger events (i.e. a lead left a key account and they found out immediately, and were able to contact the replacement lead the same day)


  • “Automation is where it’s at,” says Emily. LeadGnome is a worthwhile solution for marketing teams looking to leverage email campaigns to stop database decay, add new contacts, and identify important changes at accounts
  • Around the office, the QuickMobile team is often heard saying “Power of the Gnome!” when alerts or other actions are triggered. It’s a tool that benefits both sales and marketing and has saved Emily’s team countless hours manually mining emails, all the while providing invaluable insights into lead and account activity.
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Stop Database Decay With LeadGnome

Traditionally, organizations ignored replies to email marketing, like Out-Of-Office auto-responses. If they did have someone looking, it was the bottom of the to-do list and the information mined was not timely. LeadGnome automatically runs in the background, finding data in replies, enriching data for existing leads, adding net new contacts, and identifying sales trigger events.

See a quick demo of LeadGnome at 16:00, then stay tuned for more topic discussions:

  • The problem with database decay
  • LeadGnome’s integration with CRMs and MAPs
  • How LeadGnome data is leveraged beyond database cleansing
  • Unsubscribes and compliance issues (CASL, CAN-SPAM) and how organizations are turning to LeadGnome to ensure compliance
  • Brand protection, email deliverability, and sender verification

Bottom line: we discuss why there are LOTS of reasons to pay attention to the reply emails from your marketing campaigns,  and how LeadGnome’s technology helps you leverage them — automatically.

Watch the full webinar here:

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