Organizations use LeadGnome’s reply email mining technology to uncover quality leads, update their databases, and grow revenue. Here are some of their stories.


See how Tigera leveraged LeadGnome's reply email mining service to source and influence $14.75M in qualified pipeline with a Cost Per Lead of less than $2.50.

“LeadGnome generated leads tend to be the managers and decision makers our team needs to close business. These key contacts are otherwise difficult to find.”

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Bridgeway Security Solutions

See how Bridgeway Security Solutions leveraged LeadGnome’s HubSpot integration to identify over 300 bad contacts and increase email deliverability to 97%

“Now that we’ve implemented LeadGnome, our team takes it for granted! The platform, Matt, and his team are highly responsive and have exceeded our expectations. LeadGnome uncovers new leads and opportunities for us within the accounts we are engaging and helps keep our HubSpot CRM well maintained.”

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Vocera Communications, Inc

See how Vocera Communications reached a 99.2% email deliverability rate after using LeadGnome for just three months.

“LeadGnome is fantastic! We had no idea how many great leads we would get from LeadGnome as a result to our email campaigns. Our deliverability rates are up to 99.2%, and our sales team has really noticed the boost in sales-ready leads; they started asking, ‘What is LeadGnome and why do we keep seeing them as a lead source?”

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Quickmobile by Cvent

See how QuickMobile enriched and cleansed more than three quarters of their database and added more than 48,000 new leads, many of which were in their target accounts.

“The elimination of tedious manual data entry processes has given us back valuable time. We rely on LeadGnome to provide reliable data, prevent data decay, and uncover new intelligence about our leads to greatly improve the productivity of our marketing operations and business development teams”

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Double Dutch

See how after using LeadGnome for just 6-months, DoubleDutch quickly grew their early-stage pipeline by approximately $30M and near-in deals of $140,000.

“From a marketing standpoint, LeadGnome has done precisely what it is supposed to in terms of helping us expand our reach within accounts and get targeted messaging in front of the right people at the right time. There’s also tremendous value in its ability to continually cleanse our database, mining updated data directly from our target accounts, and ensuring we always have the freshest data possible for effective email marketing campaigns.”

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